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Hello little Big world!
I'm finding Instagram way more fun than blogging latley
So Instant!

In other news,
I stopped reading the news last year
So it's been an uneventful, but calm and pleasant 6 weeks.

According to the calendar, I am turning a whopping 35 next month
Which is making me well aware of being a bonafied Adult. And making me feel done with making babies. Also I have been surprised at the amount of grey hairs presenting themselves.

I usually feel fine with myself until I turn my iPhone camera around and, well.., its not that pretty.
I look better from afar..

My one little message of the day would be:
If someone invites You somewhere
If someone calls you
If someone gives you the time of day
I am surprised at how many smart and kind people seem to think that ignoring people doesn't register as disgustingly rude behaviour. It's is rude people.
It is not kind.

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  1. Thanks for this. :) i truly appreciate your work :)