Not another post about fat. Tis


  1. Of coarse that would be found in my comments section of my last post. How sane and convenient.;)

  2. Pls note. I have no time frame for this weight loss.. So pls don't start looking me up and down.

  3. I had forgotten that people could be so rude/crude/sneaky/mean
    But you reminded me.
    And so I said
    I wish you and the girls only the very best in the future
    That's what I said
    But what else I could have added
    Is that it's just a Wish
    It's not something I actually see occurring
    I don't see how they could possibly receive the best
    When your choices for them
    Are consistently
    Flippant and unhealthy
    In fact I have rarely seen children so unkept
    So forgotten
    I see it in their own eyes
    It's so sad.
    I'm sad.
    Sort of mad.
    Sort of relieved.
    Sort of stressed.

  4. Today sort of went like this:
    Busy and zoo like
    And ended like this:
    When after every thing that I think and say and do for my daughter
    Tonight, after an argument
    And crying
    And discussing
    She says through tears
    "I don't feel loved in this family"
    I'm like. Wow.
    That sucks.
    Because I understand
    I understand
    That sometimes Love is hard to understand
    It's hard to understand
    That we can be loved and yet not get what we want
    We can be loved
    And make people mad
    We can be loved and be disciplined
    It's something that I myself have struggled with
    I have often even wondered in times of difficulty if God loves me
    I know I spent a lot of my childhood feeling "unloved"
    But it's so sad
    If this is how humans feel that are being loved
    How do the humans feel that Arnt being loved?
    I know she is just tired and feeling overwhelmed
    But I also know that in that instant
    The feeling of being unloved
    Is very very
    And it's very very hard on me.
    Who thinks and cares about my daughter constantly
    Who tells her constantly that she is Loved
    In fact I pray almost daily that she would feel "safe and loved"
    Am I always perfect and patient
    Do I fail
    But to have the one human that I love so much
    Say they don't feel loved
    Is sort of like a kick in the guts.

    It's funny
    Cause today I was finally going to blog about my birth story with her
    And how BIG it was. And how YouWillNeverGetIt it was
    And how I knew
    Who she was
    Just like this
    She is the same
    My daughter
    Skin of my Skin
    Bone of my Bones
    Fear like my Fear

  5. Can anyone help me with this techno caos?