10,000 East African albinos displaced, in hiding after rash of killings, report says -  News - MSN CA

10,000 East African albinos displaced, in hiding after rash of killings, report says - News - MSN CA: "NAIROBI, Kenya - The mistaken belief that albino body parts have magical powers has driven thousands of Africa's albinos into hiding, fearful of losing their lives and limbs to unscrupulous dealers who can make up to $75,000 selling a complete dismembered set"

Gone with the Wind

have i talked about this book yet?
you need to read this book
more than once


when one coffee a day is not cutting it

yesterday at the 5 year olds birthday party

it makes me want to cry when people don't get my humour


i am remembering the cement sander that some people duct taped
to my bed railings once when i was gone
and in the night with their remote control apparatus
turned it on
it wasn't very funny at the time
ah, 20 - something

Serendipity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Serendipity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. The word has been voted as one of the ten English words that were hardest to translate in June 2004 by a British translation company.[1] However, due to its sociological use, the word has been imported into many other languages (Portuguese serendipicidade or serendipidade; French sérendipicité or sérendipité but also heureux hasard, 'fortunate chance'; Italian serendipità; Dutch serendipiteit; German Serendipität; Swedish, Danish and Norwegian serendipitet; Romanian serendipitate; Spanish serendipia)."
when i said that she was Tame
i didn't mean that was a bad thing
just that she was Tame
there is nothing wrong with being Tame

new zealand

a place where
only zany
or so it appears

the answer to all hair woes has been discovered


birthing flashbacks-

mesh underpants- really
muffins and apples-
breastfeeding bully's
giving birth to a negro child (or so I thought- looking at her deep shade of blue body)
doctor sans gloves who tried to push baby back into my uterus as things were "too fast"
epidural bliss (should have started muchhhhh earlier)

and a wiggly strange little mass of perfection that i had no idea what to do with
love begins
are 2 year olds who only nap for 25minutes at a time allowed?


if one dreams about icing
one is obligated to indulge in icing
the following morning

the zoo

like the garden of eden
but with more clothes
and sliding doors

a tip from bubs

when renting apartment with poor heating
place blowdryer and self under blanket
and turn on high

why do i blog?

i have no idea

cathartic maybe?

times that i have called 911

rented place
basement dweller
being attacked by ex
screaming -call 911

car is on fire on deerfoot

small child is lost in the middle of nowhere

rented place
front door broken into
while i lay asleep upstairs

my favorite thing is when 911 is busy

strange but tru

once at a random cafe while working
i told my comrad that i had the perfect manfriend for her
she had just been dumped by her boyfriend for another woman

i told her about my cuz
who had just broken up with his babymom in another city
and i thought they would be perfect

and guess what
when names got exchanged

her boyfriend had dumped her for my cousins baby mom

is that not the strangest thing

just reading this

glory box: "I'll be wondering how you - with your hours at the gym, perfectly maintained hair and skin and nails, and fresh off the fashion-tree duds - has any time for your kids"
hire me
hire me
hire me

grow where i am planted

the other day my painting on the window ledge fell and i thought
thats strange
and then 5 minutes later
my 5 drawer shelf fell and almost crushed my daughter into smitherreens(sp?)
and then I thought
what else will fall
what is going on?
and amidst the wind and falling leaves
another plant fell
out of its place
leaving disarray
which begs the words
take heed lest ye fall

the truth is

you slayed me

you slayed me when you compared apples to oranges
cuz their not the same

you slayed me-right through the heart
when you said you were done
and didn't really miss it

it was like slo-mo
and i acted calm and composed

but the truth is
yes, you may have gained many an orange this year
but by losing that apple
you lost it all
reach out before you bust out
today is the windiest day ever.
today is also a strange day.

you don't even want to know what happened to my skirt in the washroom at work.

i did it

forgive me for commenting on your weight
i never know
who wants to hear the compliment
who wants to hide


so some of my apparent flu symptoms that weren't going away
were in fact directly related to
my protein powder
the makers thought it would be a humorous choice
to add Inulin as a fibre
which sounds good till i discovered
it is a fiber that cannot be digested by humans
yes, yes indeed
i have spent 2 weeks drinking indigestible fibre
i am sure that you can imagine the outcome

sunny much?

am i the only pale one left
the only one left on the whole planet that doesn't go to


i look around the room at any gathering
and i see brown people
from europe

brown shiny happy people
that should be pale and pasty like myself

and so
should i too join the brown people?
i'm feeling lonley and afraid here in Caucasia


time to shop
i say

the less i have to spend
the more i think i deserve
to spend

i say
more latte's
more clothes
a new blender
a new paintbrush
a massage booked

this is so sad and frightening
i know

stop the downward spiral into debt abyss......

14 and pretty

self esteem issues prevail for teenagers
comparisons abound

be free ladies
you're a bunch of babes

to everything there is season

this baby blooms only in november



zero plus zero is zero

i've never been a math wizard
but i realize
that nothin plus nothin is well, nothin

i hope everyone knows that restructuring

is just a polite word for firing people because of financial problems

gargling is not working

but i appreciate the honey advice
from my indian friends
i think it works

aunty clause

i have an aunty
have i told you about her?
aunty clause-
like santa
only better, thinner, less hairy, and available all year round.

how could i have been luckier?


hi. my name is Robin. I was previously living in a fantasy world with my fantasy job. i am now looking for different employment as my hours have been drastically cut due to restructuring. I am wondering if I may potentially break the world record for jobs held by the time i am 40.

living in hole

because I just realized the complexity and insanity of this blog world
it may seem rude
but i never read other peoples blogs
well I read 2 peoples
2 people who I actually see and talk to all the time
but just now for some odd reason
i started looking around on the blogplanet
and i am aghast
they are all connected
all these people
my stuff, eachothers stuff, familystuff
i am feeling
like my underpants were forgotten on the front step
(forgive the metaphor)
I am feeling like

k- i'm over it


come over now and save me from myself
i have a confession to make
i am 31 and don't have a hair-do
is it because i use no products or heating apparatus
is it because i only brush my hair every few days?
is it the mix of straight and curly
or the dreaded BANGs!?
or is it because I refuse discomfort
at any cost

opinions are grrrreat!

my first

dangle art project

to my husbands dismay
as he foresees
our ceilings disappearing
into dangles

made in China

do we have an opinion about this?

do we know enough?

do we care?

remember november

wash hands
wash hands
wash hands


my daughter has joyfully
completed her 3rd

is there enough wall space in this house for the both of us?

Rocky 4

my husband has a new nickname from me
and we both agree
it's suitable
and sometimes
moderately funny.

its kinda like the time

i got hit by the truck while walking across the street
and my feet went up and the apple flew out
and the policeman gave me a nice trip to the Foothills
where I ran into my friend
who convinced me to skip seeing the doc
and entertain her while she got a Brazillian.
that was a strange day.

the four seasons

a must to be heard
to all enlightened ears

hey - if you can't talk about exes what can you talk about?

i remember

eons ago
driving in truck
with then boyfriend
and telling myself
self- you need to trust this guy
and then
being hit by a car
aprox. 30 secounds later

and that was a nice metaphor
for how things turned out

when i am 60 years old

by then maybe
i will stop having bad teenager skin
but probably not till then
bliss baby bliss

in the words of Vanilla Ice

will it ever stop
i don't know
turn on the breaks
and I'll slow

a post dedicated to those who are ill

not just for a day, or a week or two
but those with illness

when i get a flu or cold
i am quickly reminded
of how great my life was previous to falling sick
what it was like to jump sing and survive

and it gets pretty yucky and depressing pretty fast
and i think then about people who are really suffering with real illness
now that would be a real struggle


whats the issue with these things anyway? are we concerned?