There's always room at the back of the line

This whole Love Languages thing
Is on my mind
People like to say that they are a "gift" person
Or a "words" person
I say Nay

I dare say that there may be many ideas about sharing and showing love
But the Real test of showing your love is Time.
Our precious precious personal Time is what actually shows Love
Saying words - easy
Giving gifts- easy
Time. Giving Time. Showing up for events.
Not easy
We reserve our precious precious time only for what or who we Love
Now I'm not talking about romantic love here cause I could see how that could include the "touch" love
I'm talking love from our parents and sisters and friends
I'm finding that as we get older and busier
That time is becoming more and more valuable
So who I spend time with says a lot
And who chooses to spend time with me also says a lot
I am sure that I have let people down in this area many times
And I guess the truth is, we don't have time for everything and everyone
It's just hard sometimes
Realizing how low I am on the totem pole
That's all

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