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  1. Fat Wars
    People love to think and hear about other people and their fat. Their baby weight. Their size and shape. People I find think about their own quite a bit as well. I am no exception. I have spent the last 6 months or so thinking that I was so sick of thinking about losing weight that I wasn't going to try at all anymore.. Well, that was a success. Nothing has happened. Infact, I'm fairly sure I've actually gained a pound or 2. But I've been waiting. Because I don't believe in doing anything at the wrong time. One will only be doomed to failure if the timing is wrong. I find this goes the same for painting. One must wait at paint at the right time. Same with any choices really.. Anyway, something had seriously clicked in my Brain a few days ago.
    I can honestly say there has been a true "Click"
    And that's where it's got to be
    In the brain.
    Up until literally a few days ago I have been really unable to experience hunger. I wouldn't allow myself. I couldn't hack it at all. I would immediately feel stressed. And for some reason All of a sudden I don't feel anxiety about eating. I am not eating everything on my plate. I am not eating the second i feel a tinge for food.

  2. I'm just done with that phase. It's weird. I've always been like that. Waiting for the "click"
    So that's my beginning.
    We will see how it goes.
    I think I'm at like 157 right now. Not sure

  3. I'd like to lose twenty.
    I'm so sick of my fun clothes not fitting
    Seriously done.