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  1. Latley I have noticed my daughter talks about death all the time. Just random questions about the technicalities of death. Yesterday she was telling her friends to make sure that they die with their clothes on and she thought that was really funny. Maybe she has always been like this, but I am noticing it more since her anxiety attacks.
    Today, just now we were driving to get the kids hair cuts
    And she is worried that Justice will not enjoy getting his haircut
    I said "seriously, Hope, you have to learn to enjoy some things in life"
    She pauses a while and says in a steady and serious tone
    "Mom, I don't feel like I'm 5, (pause. pause.)I want to feel like I'm 5, but I don't."
    I say
    "I understand, how old do you feel"?
    She says " I don't know, like 15 or 16 or 19 or 20"
    I say again
    "I understand"
    I'm happy that my daughter obviously experiences life in a deep way, but I mourn for her. I mourn because she is so serious. She is so aware of hers and everyone else's mortality. I mourn because even she herself doesn't really feel like a child. Did I tell her too much too fast? Why is this happening?