beary nice

RCMP responded to a break and enter Monday at the Petro Canada in Radium Hot Springs, B.C. Police were shocked when a surveillance video revealed the suspect to be much furrier than expected.

The surveillance video shows a black bear charging into the store at around 4 a.m. Monday and walking up and down the aisles.

Petro Canada employee Lori Ellingboe told that she arrived with police at the scene to find significant damage to the storefront.

"The front door had been smashed and there was glass all over the place. We thought it was a robbery," she said.

Ellingboe said they were confused that the robber hadn't caused more damage to the store.

"Nothing was missing and nothing had been vandalized. But then we saw that it had gone to the bathroom -- left us a little gift," she said. "That was our first sign it was a bear."

bitterness cannot grow in a thank full heart

a little close for comfort

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating a police-involved shooting.

ASIRT Executive Director Clifton Purvis tells CTV Calgary police shot a man twice at Edmonton Trail and Memorial Drive around 4:00 a.m. Wednesday.

The man is in hospital in non-life threatening condition.

More details are expected to be released later.

ASIRT is the provincial body that reviews incidents involving police officers.

you are not boring

i want you to know
that even if you appear boring
i know lurking beneath
is a truly fascinating creature
i know there is more to you than normalcy

I am finding that I cannot think of one boring person on the face of the earth
everyone is intricate and dynamic and oozing with individuality
in fact I dare say the "normal" ones actually end up being the most interesting
and sometimes odd

lately I find that I am rarely ever bored
even, each day is profoundly unique and special from the day before
new moments and lessons and struggles
new new new
arn't we glad for new days
isn't it cool that even just living on this planet
is actually
really interesting
the absolute miracle of existance itself
boggles mee mind
have you looked at a leaf latley?
have you sat by the river?

this is me not on drugs :)
having said that
here are somethings
that I don't think are funny

misbehaved disrespectful children
dirty bathrooms
bad drivers
smokers- and all other substance abusers
abusive controlling people
child birth
romance novels

a Case for the Sillies

once again a tangent

a Case for the Sillies

I think life is serious

sometimes down right intense

but because of this life philosophy

I then believe one should seek out opportunities

for un seriousness

for silliness

I always marvel at church

when the preacher says something funny (which he does all the time)

that i feel I am the only one who laughs out loud

arn't we all just needing something to giggle about

somewhere between the depths of hell and anxiety over lost souls

there is a place for a sense of humour

God planned it so.

with all the sorrow and burden of this earth

isn't there a need to seek out silly

to laugh a little louder

to realize what is important

and what is simply not

I'm sort of the point where if it is not about Salvation then it should be fun

cooking should be fun
fashion should be fun
parenting should be fun
friendships should be really fun
saturdays should be beyond fun
and funny people should be laughed at

there it is
my morning rant
a Case for the Sillies

baby got back

please say i am not the only one who was in Grade 8 when this song was at it's peak
and no I have no class
sorry, it's been in my head today
it goes like this:

I like big butts and I cannot lie
you other brothers can't deny

I do know the entire song off by heart, though not sure if it is reader appropriate :)

I just remember how exciting it was when it came out
everyone was so proud of there booty
and so I wonder
will booties make a come back too?
I miss those days when a little bit of this and that was healthy and attractive
I miss the days when bootylicious Jenn Lopez came on the block.
I miss happy women
and so, as straight hair now finally goes out of style,
maybe too will androgynous uberskinny bodies
keepin my fingers crossed
then maybe I can be cool again
cause -
baby. got. back.

just say "NO" to bedbugs

this is no joke people

this is where i am at latley..

perfect ness

i know this image means a lot to some
and nothing to others
and mostly it reminds us of 1993
and all those tacky trends

but latley it comes up in my mind

everything all bottled up into a perfect symbol

big girl panties

love this saying
like my auntie said the other day
"I'll just have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it"

but today i am thinking of another true favorite
"don't get your knickers in a knot"

there is a true disease of tight knickers going on in society
tight knickers
winding people up too much
in a hurry
always my way or the highway
neurotic tendencies and OCD about the feeblest of matters
micromanaged lives down to every little choice and decision
if someone is on the left of us- they are too far left
if someone is on the right of us- they are too far right
if someone is ahead of us- they are too fast
and behind- too slow
worries about hair do's and toe nails
decisions over this tomato or that one

I am probably wearing the tightest knickers on the face of the earth
(next to a few close family members)
can I change my undies in somewhere?
is there a Knicker Exchange Station
so I could find some less bothersome undies?
what if we all changed our tighties in for some loose goose cotton boxers?
Would there? Could there then be peace on earth?
I'm gonna try it out
Maybe then I will wonder less about stupid things and small decisions
and be a more flexible loving person...

this is reminding me of a quote I read somewhere

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."


Tetrus(was that what it was called?)
the only Nintendo -the only computer game I have ever liked
I love to make things fit

my daughter too is
addicted to this
she is a puzzle fanatic
puzzle after puzzle
that's all she wants to do

Oh the sweet reward of a completed puzzle!
everything fits perfectly!
everything is in it's right place!

if only life was a puzzle- with all the peices in the box

all the leopard print in the stores

i can't be the only one trying to hold back my Inner Diva
this stuff makes me crazy with DEELIGHT!
but how do I work it in with my divaless lifestyle?

pretty pretty princess is a full time job

today i did my hair
i washed it, dried it, and put some gross product into it
and taadaa
it took a half hour of total attention (maybe more like an hour)
in which i ignored my child and all other distractions
the result is not really worth talking about
and so why o why?
i already have a few full time jobs
and not sure I've got room for another

awake arise

hello fellow human creatures
what are you doing right now?
blathering blogging wanting monotoning?

the night is far spent
the day is at hand

love you long time
miss you sunrise
warm tea day break
misty morning way

rainy cold days when one expects sunny warm ones

is natures way of making sure that you and I know that it owes us nothing,
that we are not the boss

blog matters

"it's all down hill from here"
I can remember saying so many times in my early twenty somethings while looking in the mirror
a little joke of truth between me and a friend
because we sort of new

genesis 1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

from one verse we learn there is a God, that he is a creator, that he created everything that we know or understand to be our world and environment, including ourselves. There is nothing made that was not made by him; he is in control. He is living. there is an earth and there is a heaven.

another heart

enough said


my mom is 60
she has a heart condition (a few)
and an ear condition
and a major shopping condiction (mind the twerd)
for a person who is actually unemployed
(she babysits for me for free)

So to compensate for the fact that she cannot actually afford to shop everyday at expensive stores or even regular stores, my mother has become a bottom feeder
meaning garage sales and charity stores
her favorite being WINS: Women In Need Society
this is where she can shop everyday and bring home bag loads
and only spend $20 bucks
I say it's
Women In Need of some Entertainment
Women In Need of a Cause
Women In Need of a sweet deal

the crazy part of all this is how many super items she finds
here are a few in the past month:
Holt Renfrew Sweater
Prada Bag
Kenneth Cole shoes
Zara shirt for me
Peruvian jacket
Ralph Lauren skirt
no joke
average cost 5 bucks

and since everything I own was given to me from someone else
I too appreciate the bottom feeding going on

the twerd

my sense of humour includes deep dark sarcasm
and also heavy on the childish
one of my absolute favorite things is the Twerd
a word that explains itself (from sharmi)
a Twerd is a Word made from Two other Words that explains them together
.... my daughter too appreciates these I think as here are her latest Twerds


smart kid I say

speaking of Jumpolines
we are now the proud owners of a Trampoline in our bedroom.
for you who don't know my details
that means that me and my daughter in our
bedroom apartment
who share a mattress in the bedroom and have
a tent
in there and the
wardrobes of 2 females

in one room, now also have somehow fit a
5ft round trampoline in there as well.

I am realizing that I better post photos soon
i think that jumping is good
and I know that all sounds a little bit much

a couple strings does not a blankie make

i am a prairie chicken. or a robin. I come from a long line of the likes.

my daughter also fancies herself a birdie.
have any of you noticed that there are no bird songs?
but everyday my daughter begs me sing her a bird song
so i made one up
something very simple and not to be proud of
sort of goes to the tune of I'm a little teapot (a personal fave)

your my little birdie
tweet tweet tweet
singing in the nest
lookin so sweet
waiting for your moma to get you something to eat
your my little birdie
tweet tweet tweet
(other variations include)
learning how to fly
you've got pretty eyes

so if you need a birdie jingle there you go
a pumpkin does not grow in a day


minding my own business


lets admit
there is something in the air
that is truly turning us all into
yes squirrels.
gathering nuts
everyone i know is
organizing, rearranging, purging, and shopping
i cannot help but think about shopping myself
i am a squirrel
winter is coming
i will store it all away
and live on it through out the winter
mocs, frocs, and tops
frocs, mocs, tops
tops frocs mocs
small minded squirrels are having a great time :)

i think it would be so cool

can't say it
don't want to jinx it

she ain't pretty, she just looks that way

thank you for Sunday

i like the guttergang
belt buckle
just wish i new what it meant

pure bliss

today at
lazy loaf
their cin buns were missing the icing
so i asked politely for some
and they gave me some
all right
1/2 a pound on the side
to dip the sweet bun into
yes it was
pure bliss

so long summa

allow me to edit and further explain this shot
as one who never displays red toe nails in public
when winter comes and toes are covered
one can enjoy the secret party going on underneath ones socks
and no one has to know :)
the last 2 days have been oddly cosmic

as per the emergency phone call from anthropologie

but some how
I feel less guilty about coveting something that costs 2$ at the farmers market
that Prada bag
or something that is my neighbours

somehow those vintage mocassins and bag

seem justifiable

compared to the Maserati

but we do need clothes right?



not sure where I am going with this,

I am trying to rid myself of shopping guilt

we all know the verse-
contentment with Godliness is great gain
or the other
I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be content-
( i think that is how they go)
and so
we were talking
well actually you were telling me
something that you have learned that
the opposite of contentment
is covetousness
the ugly "C" word
a word I know well
a feeling I know well
in fact- today I could probably report feeling that way so far about 25 times
it is ugly
and so am I am working on this little big ugly thing

Thou shall not covet


A pair of protective parents have halted mail delivery in a southwest neighbourhood.
While some residents have welcomed the Swainson's hawks that have nested in a tree in Bayview for at least two summers, the birds' instinct to guard their young forced Canada Post to pull the plug after a letter carrier was struck by a dive-bombing raptor.
"Unfortunately, wildlife isn't always sociable," said Canada Post spokeswoman Teresa Williams.
The letter carrier continued delivering the mail after the hawk began to bother her back in June, eventually resorting to wearing a helmet.
Then, "it attacked with such force, it broke her bicycle helmet," Williams said.
Mail delivery was suspended two weeks ago to 150 customers, and will resume when the hawks start their winter migration. Fish and Wildlife officer Ed Pirogowicz said typically the hawks would already be en route to Argentina at this point. But cold, wet weather has delayed things this year.
"They're probably anxious to get going," he said.
Hawks are quick to protect their young, particularly as they make their first attempts to fly.
"They like to attack from behind. The intent is to scare you from the nesting area," Pirogowicz said.
Residents said they have watched the birds swooping low, but only the letter carrier appears to have been attacked.
Bayview resident Maria Kipp has had a perfect view of the hawk family for the past two summers as they nested in a tree across the street. She said they have felt privileged to have the hawks so close.
"We're blessed by it," she said. "The neighbourhood in general is quite thrilled."
From her home office, Kathryn Chan would watch them come and go, the adults bearing food in their beaks for the young. "I enjoyed it but I feel bad for (the carrier) and the 150 homes (not getting mail)," she said. Read more:

the best kind of holiday

is when boredom sets in and you actually want to work

my favorite time of year

i know i knoe

i just bought 14litres