the just shall live by faith

oh those murdochs-
i heard J-Lo and Marc are seperating.. kinda sad
i am not really in a hurry to parent and birth a new child
i like summer but not so much heat
my street is melrose place
usually i find keeping ones mouth shut is wise- but there are 2 examples to which i believe keeping ones mouth shut is actually wrong.
1- if keeping your mouth shut is causing harm or might cause harm to you or another person or animal
2- if keeping your mouth shut is actually making you a liar beacuse you are not speaking truth or standing up for truth
i find though i tend to speak too much about too little most of the time- there are many other people with the opposite problem- the tendency and desire to smile and nod so much that they in effect deminish their own integrity and thus the integrity of another. sometimes people need to hear that they are wrong. sometimes i need to hear that i am wrong. sometimes one can do a tonne of good and provide a wealth of help when we encourage people to consider that maybe they are not right.
sorry my blog has been so boring latley folks- consider it a good sign. there is no drama in my life to report- there are no stories- there is barely any angst even-
convention was great.. better and better- deeper and fuller- wider and stronger-
happier. clearer. more joy.

the war is over, now it's just the battles that are left