Someone elses time

In this day and age, it is pretty obvious that Time is very important. People seem to have no extra time. People do not want to waste Time. One reason of coarse is that Time is Money. But there are other reasons. Time is Family. Time is Salvation. Time is a gift . Time is very expensive because we can't buy time. We all plan our days. Even moms have plans and their time matters. Their time is not only their time, it is also their childrens time. Which brings me to my daily AhhhhhH! so I was looking after the neighbor girl. Her dad was 2 hours late picking her up! No explanations. Today she was to be here at 9, I received a text at 10 saying she wasn't coming. No apologies! Wow hey! See that is all so not ok. Made even more difficult because it's my neighbors. Some people are not Time people, I say bull! Those same people make it to job interviews on time, and arrive at the airport on time. The fact is if we do not respect other peoples time then we don't respect them. You cannot possibly say that you appreciate or respect someone and then in turn disrespect their time.
Freedom of speech Freedom of religion Today my blood is racing I am honestly not a political person I don't think. But Alberta politics right now is just crazy! Any yahoo has the right in this free and fair land to say and believe whatever they want. If they think all practicing homosexuals are going to hell then that is his business. If some gay priest comes along and says that only gay people are going to heaven then that is also his business. It is a free land. I am allowed to disagree with homosexuality, and you are allowed to be a homosexual or whatever else. I cannot believe the Craziness here about what some pastor said on his blog. It's like a holy war here. People are allowed to be Christian. They are allowed to say they think Mohammed was off his rocker if thy want. They are allowed to say they don't believe everyone is going to heaven. You are allowed to say that Christians are wrong. Or whatever else you want to say.And just because someone likes to wear cowboy boots doesn't make them a racist small minded hater. Ok got to go

The only tea worth buying

4 o clock Organic And Fair trade And Cheap And available always at Superstore And The best flava!
Kony 2012 From what I gather from my cousin who lives in Uganda as a journalist, the people of Uganda and even those who were afflicted themselves, do not at all think that this Glossy Kony 2012 thing is senseful or helpful


It's not happy people that are thankful, it's thankful people that are happy


Dare I get political. I dare not. Well, maybe I dare. All I know is there seems to be a growing Movement that asserts anyone that isn't Radically Liberal must of coarse be a Radical. Honestly the political flavor I dislike the most is that of the pot smoking, low pant wearing, 30 something, that still thinks it's cool and smart and interesting just to be a rebel for the sake of rebellion. Flaming liberalism with no actual basis or plan for intelligent political management. Truth is, I don't vote. I don't vote because I feel I don't have the whole story ever. I had a friend once, an artist he was. Raised by a very wealthy man who put him through a decade of art school. And still after everything that was handed to him still wanted more money and support from the government.!? What world are these people living in?..this is not the garden of Eden people. Sometimes we don't get what we want. Actually I think everyone should run as an independent. There would be no parties and no confusion. Nothing is worse then voting for a moron just to support a party . I think Nenshi did the right thing. I could keep writing but then I would prove more of my ignorance.
I am sure I have confessed before that Dollar Stores make me feel guilty: but, have I confessed how much I enjoy Cheap? I really enjoy Cheap. Kite 2$. Adoreable garden hummingbird thingys 1.25$! Yay!

2 things

I am sure no one ever told me: -how much 4 yr olds talk -how much 4 yr olds wiggle

How it went down

They were fighting I took Hope into timeout I said Why are you so angry She said I feel it in my heart Already she knows where the problem lies Later they were arguing again I said -is there a problem Yes mom-she said- there is something wrong with my heart Sometimes we parents like to tell ourselves our kids don't know don't understand can't be held responsible. But when I see my daughter I reckon they are just as wise as us. Just as wise as we allow them to be. Just as spiritual as we give them credit for.


Have you met Hannah!? Hannah is my daughters imaginary friends That's right friends Her husbands name is Hannah Tomlinson Her daughters name is Hannah Her friends are all named Hannah except for Teeny Not sure where the name even came from When she was a baby I called her Hanney Maybe that's where
Btw I know my words and capitals and layout is wack .. Not sure why it shows up like that once I post
Hiding in the corner Hiding from the children Neighbour girl is here today Today she yelled that she was the Devil Like where would a child ever learn that? They are fighting lots today Yikes Daughter is in time out O The joys

Pretty scarf

Seeing you last week Made me realize Better What your burden is I feel bad That I hadn't really Seen it till then (even now I am sure I don't really get it) How do you remain a giver? I feel bad that I have complained about hair loss Or about not feeling very good I feel somehow guilty That it is you and not me
Daughter Today when the preschool teacher said that You loved art so much and you could do it all day I just wanted to cry Not out of joy or pride No no Out of pity Poor you daughter of mine As I think you are gonna be too much like me Would love to spend my days pasting puttering painting And do from time to time But have yet to discover a way to make the pleasant work of art become work of pleasant income Dear daughter Study chemistry and dentistry Engineering and math Pls refrain from any dreamy attempts at life Save yourself the agony
I'm the one at the potluck who brought the watermelon Always
Dare anyone admit they have a heart made of flesh
Some people have loved one person and they married that person. Some people pretend they have only loved one person and they married that person Some people have probably never really loved another person and remain wondering about these things Some people I am sure get married to someone they love and then find they have feelings for someone else. That is scary stuff. I say run. Move. Change anything to remove yourself from that person. Pray for help. Deliverance. Some people have loved others before in different ways. I am one of those people. I would be lying if I said I never felt something for someone else before. The reason I am writing this is it's on my mind as I also dreamt about an ex last night. I dreamt I loved them. But then the dream turned into a nightmare as the story progressed the same way the relationship did. It reminded me again of all the different kind of "Loves" there are. I am no Master of Love but I will think of some: Godly Love Brotherly Love Universal Love Motherly Love Teenage I love you so much I'm gonna cry Your so cute I want to barf Love Your so funny and smart I want to barf Love I love you like a friend Love I used to lust after you but now I don't Love And the worst : I love you so much I can't shake you even though I should Love That one I don't even know if it should be called "Love" but that's what it feels like. The best Love to marry I think is: I trust you. Know you. Know you are the one. See your faults. Act like myself. Peace Love Anyway. Whatever loves you have known may not be as I have known. My neighbor is In a very contolled marriage where she is not allowed to talk about an ex ever. Like as if she never had an ex. I have had exes. That's life. I even really cared about them. That's life. I am so glad that my future included none of them. I was glad To awaken out of my love romance nightmare to my still sick husband making pancakes with his kids. Thank you Deliverance.

Far away

I dreamt I saw you again last night. You were working at an Amos and Andes store. I was trying on wool socks. I said you looked so tiny. I said I was sorry because I didn't come to the funeral. I said I had a good feeling about everything you were going through. Your girls were so cute.


You should have seen the look on my husbands face when I told him I wasn't really interested in losing weight anymore because it's too trendy! Actually I am getting bored with the whole thing. I am at 162. So I think I lost one pound in 5 weeks. Yipee!! Look out Demi Moore!!


Sorry that last post sounded sort of negative. Truth is right now in this exact moment I couldn't feel more positive about life. Presently my daughter is outside swallowing fresh falling snow. This isn't just any snow. These are the BiggestFlakesofTheYear .. They are falling so hard and so fast it's like we are drowning in beautiful whirling wonderment. I am so thank full right now for a backyard In a free country with healthy kids. I wouldn't call myself outdoorsy. I don't hike or ski or skate or run or swim. I am not even remotely interested in marathons or son boarding or skidding or water skiing. But I am outdoorsy in that I love to go outside. I love to sit on my deck or walk in grass. I love to Stare at the clouds and wonder at the wind. I love storms. My neighbors think I am crazy. There I am no matter what weather sitting outside. Just sitting. Just existing. No matter what the mood; it's always better outside. I especially love my south facing fully windowed kitchen. My geraniums are literally 3 ft tall. K it's so snowy right now I almost lost my child. Good thing I can hear we strung buttons. My mom had given me her life collection of buttons and right now they are pretending to be a chandelier... Pretty cute actually. Today I also looked after the neighbor girl for the day.. Last time she was in my care she dropped the F Bomb twice! Ya that was she is a bit of work, but actually it's good for me. Anywy babbling here.. Got to go


What school did you go to? I know I've talked down this topic before But it remains on my mind School Children amoung children Teens amoung teens I marvel when parents are nonchalant about their kids in school. I marvel because obviously their experiences were not like mine I can remember often being asked to sit in the hall in grade 2. Me and my teacher didn't get along . Her name was mrs.potter. I can remember getting in a fight in grade 3. I can remember all the girls in grade 5 had to get together because there were so many fights between us all. I can remember the 2 cool boys in grade 5 and 6 who ran a business where they were Molesters.I can remember we had to walk to the bathroom in twoes because there was real creeps spotted outside. I can remember great big meanies in the after school program. I can remember grade 7 and one of my friends whose dad tried to strangle her with the blow dryer and she showed up at school with the burns around her neck.I can remember when S got depressed after H dumped him and he stabbed himself in the guts numerous times. I can remember visiting him in the hospital. I can remember when JL got out of jail for pimping.. That's right Pimping. Jl was a female. I can remember when she came to school with No hair because some gang peeps had cut all her hair off. I can remember going to our friends house and skipping school in the afternoons to get drunk. Yes grade 8 was full of alcohol. Of coarse that was exactly what the school dance was for.. Drinking. This is obviously when I started smoking. I can remember twice in 2 months that some beef butches wanted to kick my butt for some dumb reason(maybe I already told this story) (anyway i got out of it) I remember that's when Gigs were fun. All of my closest Friends lost their virginity by grade 10. I can remember when Chris decided I got out of my place and put a fist to my face and threatened to bash it in if i didn't get on my knees and beg for forgiveness and promise to keep my mouth shut. That was the year my boyfriends cousin died at the bar. That was the year my mom took H to the hospital for stitches after her boyfriend through a glass bottle at her. That was when K dropped out because S was threatening to kick her ass. That's when I met O. The first time i laid eyes on him he was fighting outside our school. Neither of them went to school of coarse. They had both recently gotten out of jail. That year J and K both tried to kill themselves and R just talked about it all the time. This is just a very short version of my school years. It is all true and makes me very very afraid for my kids.

Can't believe we never lost our rings

Happy 5 years That's right 5 years Ups and downs Chaos and calm Sickness and health Ugly ugly and lovely Never another 2 houses and an apartment 2 kids and a faithful cat 2 cars and 2 more Lots of jobs and more grey hairs Weight loss gain loss gain  Zero real vacations Lots of discussions Many many prayers by us and others  Piles of forgiveness by us and others Still we are and will always be absolutely a match Made in Heaven. I have never doubted that. I have doubted you And I have doubted me But never heavens choice... If you weren't presently lying in bed ill with Man Flu, if baby wasn't presently    Sick with baby Flu maybe we could actually do something fun. But, looks like our anniversary is gonna show just like our life: real.  Really real. Marriages don't delete. 

Ultra Yikes

Just read an article about  After-Birth Abortions I am sure you can guess my thoughts on any abortion But what I find sickly fascinating is their philosophy that justifies the killing. These "doctor/philosophers" suggest that because the new born would not actually perceive a loss to itself if it died then I is not a person and can be killed because the mother is a person and should be able to choose if the Childs life is too burdensome for their life. So my next thought is; other than the obvious is With that philosophy in tact maybe we should kill all of the dementia folks or autistics or comatose etc. These people may not experience a loss to themselves if they died, does that mean they are not Persons? And at what age in their mind does a baby become a person. My 6 month old probably could be considered not a person. Why is it murder if you kill your baby in a night rage and not murder if you methodically kill your newborn in the hospital when it comes out. One of the arguments they have for murder is that sometimes a person does not know they will have a Downs Syndrome baby until it is born, so mothers should have the right to kill it then as they would have the right to kill it in the womb had they have known it was Downs. Are morals ever to be based upon convenience ? Why not give it up for adoption if it's so terrible? I don't have all the words and brains to beat this topic to the ground today. I just want to say that Doctors/Clinics/Hospitals can call it Pregnancy Management, they can make you feel o so clean and right about "Choosing".. But the truth is that it is murder. Ugly ugly murder.
The grey sky and grey buildings and grey roads and grey trees and black jackets are so not working for me today

A little marika in da house

Just got a note from a friend I new when I lived on the island.. I met some super sweet people out there. Actually I have been meaning to write this post for a while.. It goes like this:: What I miss about Victoria: I miss the smell The humidity The sound of the rain all winter long The beach -obviously The way the culture feels out there The uncompetitive, slowed down feel The walking everywhere The "o, you all live in one small apartment-great! the "o- you can only afford a cup of tea- o well- let's share"! The early blossoms The always green The let's hang out Where my sister was born and lives Easy friends Wonderment Funny my husband also lived on the island when he played hockey.. We are  going there together next month!! Yay!

We've been reading

Laura Ingalls Wilder Her books Will read them all Great for kids Humble pie

Lurk much?

Got to love 1300 page views last month and like 2 comments.. Hmmm? Don't be shy people.

I'm sorry, but have we met?

So this is nothing new. But feels new to me today: We are not today who we were yesterday. Here's my attempt; my gift I will try to give you. Yesterday. 10yrs ago.  You may have been a jerk You may have been something ugly You may have seemed this or that But today I want to give you the chance to be free: to be new;  If you are again who you were. That's ok. Tomorrow I want you to know that      It's a new day.  In theatre school the worst thing for an actor was to be "typecast".. Where you were always cast as the same type of character. It was a problem because it could ruin your career; people would not see who else you could be. The worst judgement I am thinking today, is not judgements of the day, but gross assumptions based on yesterday.. How can we change and be  better Christians, mothers, friends  if people think they have already figured us out and that people don't change? Because people do change. They change with experience, with time, with God. In fact they must change. We must all change . So why not make it easier on each other. I know I am the first to "typecast". But today I am thinking life could be even more interesting if we allowed people to surprise us, or even just gave them more than one how about a million chances? How does that sound. Isn't that what God is doing for us? My favorite thing is being surprised by a person (not like boo! Or yikes)  like " wow I thought that chic was such a cow, and she's actually really sweet".. Or how about if someone does act like a cow that we just assume that they are really fantastic deep down but they are going through something. One thing I know is no matter how hard I try, someone some where will be offended ; maybe rightfully so, maybe not.. I am so glad for people that have given me chance after chance after chance.. That's it for now, chin up newby!