dear Egypt

you are a stranger to me
so i'm not gonna pretend i know you
but i do know what it's like to be human

strangely, i admire your guts
simply, i hope for your future

"Everybody is shouting for one thing. It is a time for the whole system to just collapse and bring in new people, a new regime," he said. "They don't believe that the government is enough. They want the parliament to be gone, they want free elections and they want the president definitely to resign."
i've always said
don't complain about the weather
but truth is
i'm getting cranky

thanks to PJ

for one painting
in return
i will receive
a fabulous homemade cake
for my
little turkey
for her birthday
this year
and next

the house is sold and it's a little cold

looks like I will have a new roomie soon
also known as husband
could be interesting
i will miss the tree
and the front porch

sacred unity

i'm not the teacher baybee
no not me
i've got lots of homework
and no idea how to get on top of it
i'm not the one to accuse and condemn
that's not my job
no not me
i'm praying for peace
and light and love
i'm praying for forgiveness and power above
i'm dog gone tired and up to my knees
in bountiful expose'
return me the favour of knowing when to Let Be
return me the favour of knowing what is Sacred and not yours to touch
return me the favour of leaving well enough alone
return me
the love and respect
i have given your vows
return me the soft approach

miss twiggly's tree

the best book ever

people like to hear the deets

my last post
clearly of interest
to whomever
wins the prize for most views so far
in my blogging history
goes to show
people like to read juicy bits

but of course
rarely comment :)

batter up

yes it's true
me and my husband
are dating
again (eachother)
which is so far a lot more fun than actually being married
a good cleaning lady is hard to come by

school buses should be illegal

yes their cute- i guess
does anyone on the bus actually wear a seatbelt?
can the fumes from that 1971 orange beast get any worse?
I am sure they are breaking some sort of pollution law
can't anyone come up with a better way to transport children?
wasn't every single one of your bus drivers when you were a kid
the most dicey, dodgy, dude around?
i would run off the school bus


welcome friend