i sortof think Halloween is lame

Glory to whom

i have been meaning to say
and not sure when the right time is
i would like to just glorify God
and i don't really know what that means
but I have an idea
so i'm gonna give it a whirl

if I am ever right
ever say the right thing
do the right thing
think the right thing
if I have a talent or a goodness or any likeable-ness about me
if I fail or miss a beat or haven't won every relay
if ever, from me came Light-warmth-Wisdom-Loveliness of any sort
Praise God
If I can function, go to work, look after my kid and have a normal marriage
If I can cook one decent meal- dress appropriately- say Please and Thankyou
even that
is Gods
When I am lucky enough to receive a good or desired outcome
it is not me- my strength, my skill, my hardwork, or smarts (let me assure you)
it is God
and if a veil of difficulty lie in my path
it is God
if a success of any kind comes my way
it is God
and if failure,
the Lord is my God

my heart is presently beating, my breath is presently ebbing,
today is a gift and not my hand can quench it


the topic of the week has been death
fear of death
the fact that we have no control essentially of death coming or when it comes

like someone said to me once when i was speeching them about their eating habits
"i am alive because God is allowing me to be alive, and if we wants me to die- I will die"

the thought of Heavenly Wonderments is not a problem for me
suffering however, is pretty unattractive to me


sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

Swine flu FAQ -  News - MSN CA

Swine flu FAQ - News - MSN CA: "As of Oct. 28, 2009, at least 62 Canadians have suffered H1N1 flu-related deaths. Health Canada reminds Canadians that different strains of influenze usually result in about 4,000 deaths a year. Measures must be taken to protect yourself from all influenza, not just the current strain, the agency advises."

bored anyone?

come join the rest of western society in the 2009 H1N1 Hysteria
everyone is invited
everyone is getting free popsicles
& no one knows whats going on

the last trump

she is engaged
yay :)

credible and incredible

the difference is wide
i have known many an incredible person
to whom belonged no cred
i know many a credible person
that might be a little less the incredible

beholding art

because of my new job
i work with "artists"
i use that word and cringe
cause i don't know what that means
but they call themselves "artists"
and i am learning a lot about this world
about people and their work
their creations
and today i am going to define Great Art
and tomorrow i might not agree with the definition
but here goes
Great Art is free from fear of criticism

Edmonton hostage recalls ordeal -  News - MSN CA

Edmonton hostage recalls ordeal - News - MSN CA: "Like the gunman, Morrow is a client of the compensation board, recovering from a shoulder injury. This helped build a bond, Morrow said.
'I used everything that I could just to build a rapport with him. Even the cigarettes in the beginning, I think it helped.'
Over the course of the day, hostages were released for health reasons or simply allowed to go to the washroom, from which they didn't return. Police negotiators also provided water, sandwiches and cigarettes, in exchange for the release of others being held. In the end, only Morrow and the gunman remained.
'We did have a handful of cigarettes there, and they were pretty much the clock,' Morrow said. 'The cigarettes were the clock at that point, and when the last one was done, I was hoping he was going to keep his word and walk out with me.'
'Nobody was going to die today'
'I was going to exit first,' Morrow said of the strategy that police and the gunman agreed to. 'They were really worried how it was going to end too. He was to leave the rifle on the table, and when I turned my back and walked out, I kept my ear on that rifle.'
Earlier, Morrow said, he had made the gunman a promise — 'that I would walk out of here with him, and nobody was going to die today.
'Just before I gave him a big hug I just wanted to make sure I could keep walking, get the hell out of there.'"

sorry for the continued sage info but i can't resist
then i read that he was an abusive drug addict
and now i can't decide
if i feel sorry for him or not
maybe he is a shmuck
rice crackers and cream cheese
thats all i gotta say

Edmonton hostage-taking accused weeps in court -  News - MSN CA

Edmonton hostage-taking accused weeps in court - News - MSN CA: "A man accused of taking people hostage at the Workers' Compensation Board building in downtown Edmonton wept during his first appearance in court Friday morning."

K- so I don't usually comment on the news etc. but... the other morning when i heard about this man- this is what I thought...I'm just gonna play -advocate for a secound here.

its 8:30 AM. this poor whatever probably did not sleep the night prior...he also probably did not eat. he spent the night going crazy- feeling unheard and alone and stressed to the max because he has no money and no cheques coming in because he can't get timely response from WCB. meanwhile the economy isn't exactly booming in his skilled area and if he really is in pain and can't afford whiskey or tylenol- he was probably pretty grumpy. he obviously had a firearm handy which is the main problem (i am sure if more canadians had more firearms handy there would be way more incidentsS like there are in the states..but thankfully most of the time when we are so angry that we want to point a rifle to someones head- we don't actually have one)...so he goes to the WCB building and well the sun starts coming up and maybe the light of day is starting to make him doubt his choice..but what are you going to do now when your on the 8th? floor with a rifle or two in tow... your gonna go through with it... I think it is absolutley amazing that this guy did not kill anyone being that the standoff lasted the entire day- by then we wouldn't have slept in over 24 hours or had anything to eat...that happened to me once (the no sleep or food thing) and I was not a sane person who could make proper choices...anyway...my other thought is this... i have been in paperwork-redtape-onhold for hours-talking to answering machines-people who don't give a_-people who live in other time zone- using my last minutes on my cell phone- can't get a response- not sure how to pay the rent- types of situations....and you know what- I am very surprised that what happened the other morning does not happen WAY more often. I actually feel really sorry for the poor shmuck- now he's screwed- but atleast he gets free room and board in jail- a happy ending after all...)

obama rama

and more in politics

this young chick yesterday wearing an Obama T-shirt (bobmarleyesq)
but um
isn't he still a newby
obama wins the nobel peace prize last week
but um
what has he actually done

i like obama - and I hope he meets the heights of greatness
that already greet him

people want a hero

i say - give it a few years- give him a chance to be a real hero

dear diaper fAIRY

what a strange sense of humour you have
to do that again
wet through tights and 2 skirts


trucks who are undercover superheros
who think that ice
does not exist
and who think
no one else is on the road
especially not
me and my daughter in our teeny chevy

proverbs 16:25

there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end therof are the ways of death
i love baby birthday parties

found someone to share the rest of my orange paint with

paint the town orange
why is it when i finally do something for someone else
it is always better for me
like in return
i get more back


i heard about someone who lost their faith
and may have found it again

and you know what
i understand
and it happens

faith sees what the natural eye cannot see

thank you to those who fight their battles in prayer

whats with all this positivity?

today i heard a few things

i heard to relax- if you are in Gods Will- then relax and trust

I heard- be free..sin is bondage- so choose to not sin and be free

i heard a cheezy song that went like this " I'm ok- I'm alive, it's easy to count your sorrows and scars, but not me- I'm alive and thats good enough for me"

i heard another cheezy song that went like this "out of the blue- everything can change"

whats with all the music? i never listen to music. but today on my way home from my grandmas house 1.5hrs away with my daughter whining the entire way- I turned on the radio and the only channel that didn't sound like darktemptous music was of course Country 105. so i am not a country fan- but today I was like..maybe I should be...


is the word of the week
ultra- like uber
but better
ultra like
the gold bubbled crema from your espresso machine
ultra like perfect clay on the wheel
ultra like whipped cream
moments that are actually easy
moments when things are flowin
things are tuned in and turned on
the perfect color, the best bite, the right word
Ultra baybee

less sabi more wabi-can it be?

to know me
means to know
i'm a bit of a skeptic
a bit of a cynic
a bit of a -ya right
and um
i'm afraid to say
that things have been going really good
like really
i was actually sortof glad this morning when i got stressed and irritated
because atleast i knew that things were still normal
i don't know if it's the job, or finally cleaning off the birthsleeplesscobwebs,
or what- I was thinking maybe it's the spinach smoothies
my husband and I have been getting along fabulous
which if you know anything about my life
you know that is definitely a miracle
so ah
today when i asked someone how they were
and she said - fabulous
today I was like ya-i know what you mean
sorta freaky

to all my overachieving marathon runner friends

its none of my business but,
why run when you can sit?
why run when you can shop,sleep,canoe,walk,paint,talk,have nice toe nails?

arn't there enough goals in life
why make more?

I don't know
I guess it's just not my thing

Christians of the World

Did you all get the memo
that Christians and racism don't mix.


dust in the refrigerator?
since spinach and blueberries contain antioxidants
which fight free radicals
which cause wrinkles
in 3 years after I have had 1,000
spinach and blueberry smoothies
I figure I will look
about 10 years old

something I heard a few weeks ago

it's not about what we are giving up
but what we are receiving

another diddy by leonard cohen

and a deeper silence
when the crickets

(have i already shared that one)
how bout-

with Annie gone
whose eyes compare to the setting sun
not that I did compare
but I do compare
now that she's gone

life before Hope

what was it?

christmas presents

here we go
diversity of opinions
lots of gifts
no gifts
no santa
no tree

at my house we have no tree and no santa
we might have WINTER lights that sometimes are seen as Christmas lights
we will have some gifts

in my world at Gifttime- one should always receive what one needs or really wants
one should not receive things they don't need or want
this is really stupid
because someone is spending real money and essentially it is a waste
so in my world
we communicate
like I say "so what are you getting me for christmas...? this is what I want...)
this solves a lot of problems
and saves a lot of money
how do you politely tell someone
that really
they smoke too much weed
and really
their parallel universe is not that parallel
love begets love

black sea

the sea of black
and go buy
a different


I just had to edit my job list as 5 more came to mind
and I am realizing that I have had a tonne of jobs
those don't even include the ones that I didn't show up for my first day

what does this mean
not much I hope

Somehow I still manage to make my resume look awesome
thats all that matters

The thing is
the job I have now is my dream job- really.

jobs I have had-that I can remember


Satronics(telemarketing...3 weeks in the cops came to inquire as my boss was a felon)

Pantorama (o-ya baby)



Nanny- (the mom was a highclass prostitute)

My Donair(my boss offered me $5,000 to marry her brother from Iran)

Kaffa Coffee and Salsa House(4 years)

Buffalo Cafe

Juans Mexican Resturante


My Favorite Pizza Place

Panda Daycare(3 days)

Student Painting


Swimsuit Store

Think Twice


Candle Store

Chintz and Company

The Tarjan Group- Architecture Firm YDEWTK

Supported Lifestyles

Calgary Stampede

Tony Romas

My Favorite Candy Store

Chroma Clothing

U Frame It

Domestic Goddess

Please Mum

Society for Treatment of Autism


line from Pump up the Volume

"I can smell a lie like a fart in a car"

sounds gross maybe
but my mind often resorts to this quote
because I indeed
have had my senses exercised

I hope you want clay for christmas

where we are at 19months


95th %tile for height&weight



Have I told you that
when I was 20
my mom told me that I had a sister

which she had given birth to
before my dad, before being married, before being old enough

so I was no longer an only child at 20
and I have an older sister now
who looks like my daughter

friends with sisters

i am learning that women with sisters
have readymade friends
and maybe have a full caseload of business and socializing already

but I'm an only
and need my friends

which makes me want to blog -

the other day
friend and I having discussion
about aging

and she is realizing
that it is not as easy as she thought it would be
she doesn't love wrinkles and sagging and greyhairs
and she understands why people fight this

and well, so far on this aging journey
which I indeed am on
with dullface and crowsfeet
I don't really care

I have seen many a grey haired babe at 40
many a sagging classy fox at 50
many a confident smart welldressed vixen at 60

I'm kinda glad to be done 20 year old competitions
and I am working at being done with 30 year old competitions

I understand wanting to be perky and shiny
but I think its really sad
if thats all we are

i'm blushing

a real person from planet earth
that I have actually met in real life
other then sharmy
posted on my blog
not just a lurker
but a real person.
i'm blushing
(it doesn't take much)
i'm sortof getting bored with this blogging thing.
and i am feeling boring
cause I could dish more and share more opinions
but for what purpose?
so that my one reader will find me opinionated
so that I will later regret my offhanded words of judgement...
i don't know
i'm on the verge of pressing the Ol'Delete Button
much like I annihilated my FB