Robots are great lovers

So today my words might actually come to me
About an Issue I have been mulling over
An issue about 2 dimensional ness
I will just also call it the Screen
I have wondered lately why I am so addicted to my screen?
My Facebook, my Pinterest, the news, my text... I am positively addicted
I don't want to be
I thinks it's sad and bad and everything else
So why
Today I figured it out
Today I made a concious effort to stay off my screen
And then I realized
I want to have a social interaction
I want to talk to someone
I want to listen to someone
I want to share a coffee with someone
But I am at home with small children and I can't leave
So then I tried to fill the void in a rational normal way
Call someone
So I call my parents
Which I always do everyday
And that was good
For 5 minutes
And then later, the feeling comes again
And I think Gee, who can I call?
None of my friends actually want to talk on the phone anymore
They only want to text
Text when it is convenient for them
So I text my husband
But he is busy working
I text A and we have brief contact with words
Text some other people, I guess everyone is busy
And then I think
Time to check my Facebook again
Maybe my Pinterest
Somehow some way, I would like to have social interaction (with an adult)
And so I've figured it out today
And I'm sad
I'm sad because this is really truly how out culture and society works now
You don't call people
They don't want to converse
They want to connect with brief words
At a convenient time
My mom and I were talking a few weeks ago because she had called my sister a few times and wanted to actually have a conversation... Instead, she received an email. She was surprised and hurt.
I said "mom that's the way it is now, i don't talk to anyone"

For some people, especially Screen Types(people that love the screen and always have) this post will make no sense at all.. For others who like to be in Control, or are introverted, or haven't educated themselves about the dangers of a Screen Life..this post is just blah blah blah

For me this is an epiphany
I have finally figured out why I am trying to fill my social void with a Screen
Because that is what everyone else is doing
But I want to stop.
I want to hang out with humans, I want someone to actually say "yes" to an invite

I want my phone to ring
I want to call someone and hear them say "hello"(someone under 50)
I want to share reality.. Instead of share on the screen

K don't get me wrong
I think text is O so convenient
I think FB is great for staying in touch with people from far away
And blogging I find very personal
I think it's weird tho that people "meet" on line instead of in line
And I think it's wack that kids would rather and are allowed to Spend their Life in a 2D way

Last Friday after the shootings
I was upset
Upset  in a deep and strange place
All I wanted to do was talk to someone about it
Share and discuss and try to understand
That wasn't an option for me
I was so utterly thankful that we had been invited out that night to a dinner party
I was so utterly thankful to be around happy normal people and just talk and be and laugh
And also discuss the shootings
It really helped me move forward

Last weekend I was at a large social event and I ran into someone and we were discussing how we only talk to a certain person through text, and then we realized that was actually the norm, and this wife/mom said to me
"What is going on Robin?"
I was so excited to have one other person (other then my mom and husband)
Seem to see that we are living in strange times
That moving forward wih technology
Does not always mean moving forward(studies are actually showing increased screen time being directly connected to decrease in empathy amoung children!!!!!) (does that not scare the skirts off of us?)
I said
"I don't know, it's the breakdown of community"
I'm not sure if my response was the Right and Perfect response
But something felt very true about those words coming out of my mouth
We can shrug and scoff about Community
But what does it mean? What are we doing to ourselves? To our children?
Where will we be in twenty years?
You know that killer was known to be a gamer
There is someone that could have used an extra dose of empathy
It would be pretty easy to kill
From a 2D perspective

Lying here
My back broken
Blogging because I can
I'm just gonna say it
A kid who tells his parents that he wants to kill them or others
May have a mental illness.
May also be in desperate need of discipline.
Discipline is a gift.
A needed gift.
Happy children have clear and sure boundaries.
Do your kid a favour and say "no"
Say "no" and follow through

It's funny because I don't really think I am that tough of a parent, and compared to others that I know, I think I'm pretty lax...
Though I'm finding out in this world is heaps and heaps of people who don't say "no" to their kids.. It's so sad..

You Go Girl

I used to be worried about my daughter being bossy
One of the reasons that I put her in kindergarten early is because I didn't want her being the older bossy one
But after seeing and realizing what is really going on in the system
And after watching my daughter be a follower
(A very painful experience)
I have changed my mind
And so lately when I watch her with these kids stand up for herself, defend herself and, even sometimes go overboard
I have a hard time caring
I have a hard time reprimanding her
In fact, I hardly do
I now see it differently that's for sure
I realize that my daughter will have to stand alone and think alone and have thick skin and have a very strong backbone.
She will have to fight for honesty in herself and in this world of lies
She will have to learn and discern and stand alone


Strangers/anonymous ones/ 2 people who actually know me:
Guess what!?
Last night this crazy thing happened
Well 2 crazy things happened
Remember how I was just saying I would never try letting my son cry it out?
Well last night it just sort of happened
I was going to get him when he started crying harder
And he just fell asleep
The craziest part is that he them slept 8 hours straight!!
People I slept 7.5 hours STRAIGHT last night! That is the most I have slept straight on 4.5 years!!!!!
Do you understand what I'm talking about here??!!!

Anyway that was cool
Other thoughts:

Studies coming out all over about the dangers of screen time and what it is doing. TV and computers and Pads and IPhones and video games .. Is all Screen Time.. Depending on the amount of time your child is spending with these it is actually changing their brains.. Structurally .. There are less and different cell/dendrite things going on!!!! People get your kids away from the screen! Do your own research.. Some of the evidence is suggesting this is leading to different social understanding .. An inability  to empathize in the usual way.. Depression because of dopamine(long story).. Pls do our future society a favour! Save us from 2dimensional humans that were raised on a screen!!! Get the kids outside! Give them some dirt and sun and snow .. Make them lift and solve and pile!!!

Which brings me the sweetest cute thing I saw at Hopes class yesterday ( parent teacher interviews)..(youngest in the class and doing totally awesome!).. The kids were asked to pick their favorite body part ( the best part of them) and then explain why... Some kids picked their hair because it was brown and pretty etc.
Hope picked her hands because they carry stuff..
So cute
You are right honey
There is a lot of value in what you can DO!

Actually slept 6 hrs straight last night

Hi again
I love winter sun
Sunny and warm .. Not hot
Still fresh

Confession: I have a difficult time when children are blatantly rude and disobedient
Confession: I think people who purposely harm animals especially dolphins should face serious heinous consequences
Confession: I don't want to go to the Christmas party and its none of your business why
Confession: I'm not that healthy of a person, like I just ate KD, however, I think feeding your children lucky charms or cocoa-lollipop-whatever is truly disgusting and bad parenting..
Confession: I really am sick of political correctness as much as it requires one to become a faceless, beliefless, spineless, Lessless
Confession: as much as I try to not care about little things like please and thank you and phone call/text protocol, I do.
Confession: I think yelling is ok under the some circumstances
I really don't want to get agitated when this little child in my care doesn't listen, and is sneaky.. But I do.. I really really do.
I really feel bad for children who are not disciplined..
I don't understand why moms want their daughters to fixate on princesses or Barbie. How is that possibly healthy or wise?
I know I know
I'm being critical
I have a confession: I am critical
Sometimes perhaps being critical is wise
Most of the time probably it's not cool
I have a confession:
I am still critical
I still have an opinion
I still think somethings are more right then other things and I still think something's are wrong...
I really really do
I can't cook
I really really can't
I just over cooked that KD
I try a bit
I don't like recipes at all..
I sometimes wonder if I have ADD
Some people I admire so much and look up to so much and then usually get depressed when I realize I am not like them at all
But then my mom says
Who cares what everyone else is doing?
And I think "ya she's probably right"
I sort of admire people who can let their babies cry it out.. But I can't even try..
Even tho I'm really sleep deprived
But I feel ok
Until a small child is rude or sneaky
Sneaky is the worst tho
So hard to catch
And what can I do about it anyway?