the remains of the day
are making it clear
that only God knows
what you are
what you think
who you want to be

maybe To Be or Not To Be really is the question

I really don't care if you are fat or skinny
I really don't care if you have lost or gained
I don't think that you have less value as a human being if you are chunky
nor do I find you more righteous since you can fit into your skinny jeans
I don't care
I care about you
that person living and breathing underneath all that skin and bone
that person seeing and believing
I think that laziness and selfishness and sloth like overeating is probably ugly
but uglier still is a person so caught up in this Appearance Issue that there is nothing left
I might be the worst one
I know I have been the worst one
I know there have been times when all I was and thought about was what to wear and how to have frightening white teeth

I am sort of bored with that whole thing
I am sort of enjoying loose stretchy clothing
I am really enjoying my ice cream lately
and yes, indeed I have gained a few

ok - back on topic
my point is
I love you just the same.

so get over yourself
I am not the Parent Patrol Police
I am not perfect, I do not have a badge
I do not know all the rules or inforce them usually
But I am, I think a fairly normal decent human being
who thinks that other human beings should Parent their children
Parent meaning
consider basic safety of your children

this woman was letting her 2.5 year old shoe-less child wander the mall without her
and upon trying to help
the mother said
" why do you care"
and I was dumb founded

and i think
the minute a fellow human person does not care about an abandoned shoe-less 2.5 year old, then they have lost their soul
there are some strange occasions
when I am angry and let down
by people or peoples
and specifically those who I think
maybe are a few piles short of a load
or a few crayons missing from the box
however the saying goes
and i find it really hard to stay angry or blame
when I know that I might be dealing with
an unmighty vessel
and so I think

if I were you and you were me

today i am thinking
what if
what if you were her?
what if you were me?

what if I was him?


you are a peach
i miss your total complete uncynical being
Mrs February 14th
forget me nots
yes you
are you coming for a visit?

what i was told to remember during the architecture firm

the squeaky wheel gets the grease
the early bird gets the worm
when we ASSUME- you make an ASS out of U and ME


just confirming that you don't think that i was writing about you specifically
i was just discussing ideas/concepts and using the term "you"
to describe a general philosophy

latest 60 x 48

speaking of freedom- i read something cool yesterday- simply this

repeat after me
i am free

something to unlearn

someone close to me
who shall remain blameless and nameless
would tell me in my youth
to get angry
when i could not lift it or fix it or figure it out
i would hear the words
"get angry at it"
(probably some folksy old saying from their parents time)
but i have surely learned
that the more angry i become
the less capable i am
the more weary and confused.
when impatience and anger begin to strangle me
nothing good actually comes from it
usually just venom and smoke
so I need to unlearn that peice of the past
and be free

puppy kingdom

the day that O
told me how they viewed things
he told me that women were dogs
and white women even further down

but what i am fascinated by now is
how they view themselves.
If you were born by a dog
and you were nurtured and nourished by that dog
and you were loved and loved that dog more than anything else on earth
what does that make you?

talk about an insecurity complex

I see that if we love and honour our women and mothers
we are actually in turn loving and honouring ourselves
because every man was born from a women and loved her
in turn

something i really want to say- some how

I see you rising and pursuing and succeeding
i see you live like superman and wife
i see your honour and glory
and respect from others
and i am honestly truly purely
happy for you.
But I am not happy for you the way you think I should be.
I do not congratulate you for your right choices and perfect poise
I do not congratulate you because I think that your hand has led you to that place
I praise God because he has blessed you
I praise God because he has remembered you
you who are plagued with burden and sorrow
you who look broken and weary and divided
I do not blame you or accuse you for your foolish stupidity
your unhonourable undignified bad choices
because I do not believe that you are to be faulted for all and everything that is in your plate
I do absolutely believe that we all must try our best in this life
I do not believe that our best is the same
nor do I believe for one moment that life is fair.
I believe some people get more than their fair share of beats and sorrows
and often rise above with Grace
but some too
get many a heaping blessing
that is just that
it is a gift

one should probably not take credit for gifts from God

speech less

speak less
preach less

lately i think
maybe i should just shut my mouth
maybe i don't really want to be held accountable
for all the words and songs that spue from my mouth

i realize that
if i only said something nice
i might not have much to say

but if i stop speaking all together
i might just disappear
never never land

recently i read some of your shiny blogs
and i thought
this is not my game

but to avoid
becoming extinct
i feel i must blather on
you know your life is exciting when you view Time To Blog
as a reward

bulldog pitbulls

what is the difference between a pitbull and a bulldog?
there is a difference- some are wrinklier and shorter

here's the thing

once upon a time when i was like 26
i was working at Chintz and Co
and some demanding customer
didn't like me and described me as
" A pitbull with lipstick"
that really hurt my feelings
i didn't even wear lipstick
and was doing my best to not be pitbulllike

the last few days i have found myself saying
" I am not a bulldog" in reference to feeling like i am working like one
but today i did do exactly the work of a bulldog (i think)
and so, maybe i am a bulldog

which i guess, is better than a pitbull
with lipstick.

do pitbulls even wear lipstick?

Santy Aunty does it again

guess who peed in her potty!!!
I haven't even been working on it
I knew someone in grade 10 who told me he was going to take over the world. He told me that he would make sure to not kill me in this war, as long as I was willing to get a tatoo that said"

"Property of the Lizard King"

I thought that was fair
thanks :)