hubby finds job offer on Vancouver Island today
and will apply

these things rarely come into fruition
so I am not too concerned

but secretly fantacizing about the ocean
and my time spent there

i would say yes
just for the sake of change

change and I have always been good friends

speaking of seasons

spring summer winter fall

occur in the year
in ones life
in ones day


we enter the summer of life
we have a time of day that feels like winter
we awaken into spring

life would not be life without the seasons
there would be no blossom of spring without the dark death of autumn
Cry Try Pray

Pray Try Cry

Try Cry Pray


i heard once- to be a good christian

we need the heart of a lamb
the courage of a lion
and skin like a rhino

this week -it's all about the rhino

love that baby

daddies- to love your baby, love the mom
grannies- to love that baby, love their mom

happy balanced mommies
make for good parenting
healthy bonding
happy babies

which make for happy grownups

which brings me to my next blog- OCD

is real
and common
and unfortunate- if you knew my grandmother you would agree

and if you move my chairs in the kitchen you would understand

thats right people

pass the meds

i'm fighting the battle

the smart thing

everyones wants to be smart- brilliant- genius
i say

i know a tonne of smart- brilliant- genius people... really
and well, they all have a glitch
some bigger then others

no mind is perfect -
some great minds like
and einstein
appear so stupendous because their obvious acheivements in word and deed
but lets dig deeper people
einstein didn't bathe properly and slept every 3 hours
churchill had severe depression which he named his "black dog"

i have always thought- that if you get too smart, the next stop is crazy

i say- lets be a little slow
and a little happy
worry about nothing more than cornflakes or raison bran?

thanks by Ones

one God
one mediator
one earth
one life
one body
one more day
one daughter
one husband
one mom
one dad
one sister
one cat
one hip that doesn't hurt
one eye that doesn't twitch
one house
one sun
one moon
one another

ode to joy n daily grind

spray n wash
oatmeal fudge bars from starbucks
a cheque from the government
a napping baby
a funny blogpost
a super friend who makes you laugh even when things are really ugly
A.M coffee
Bath time!!!
Hand me Downs !!!
a good hair day
catastrophe averted for a moment
doing something really stupid and gettting busted
zoo animals

i'm just gonna say it

some men and women are perfect maybe
some husbands and wives too

so what i am talking about may not include you

i am talking about "the Cave"
i first read about it in the book "men are from mars and women are from venus"
where it sums up that men need to go to "their Cave" to be alone so that they can function.
sounds kinda cool and mysterious...

not so

what this equates to in our society
is men that are addicted to video games, long drives, television, internet, tuning out, hotel rooms
because they need "space"

so maybe thats not so bad- and indeed it isn't
if your responsibilities are being met and maybe even aced
if your children and wife are content and calm

See my issue with this behavior is not the behavior itself (usually)
its just that its not fair
do men really think they are the only ones that need a "Cave" or a "Break"
every female i know needs this very thing- especially the moms
but heres the thing
she schedules her "Cave Break" at an appropriate time
when all of her responsibilities are complete
when all babies are sleeping
when laundry is done, dishes, bills, phone calls, meals

which never happens
so she never does this husbands if you can find time in your busy day for a much needed break then by all means take it- but atleast be kind, and thankful and realize that it is a gift.

one wouldn't want to waste their life in the "Cave"

its true noses grow with age

i never believed that
but now i do

i had one of those cute little button noses i'm convinced
now i have a large pointy nose
really i do

in the last year i started noticing pictures of me and at first thought some photo developer was playing a joke(i am actually serious)

now i realize that it will only get worse
look out pinochio


white is bright and looks good on other people
especially if its clean

i have not bought a plain white shirt in my life
am i the only one who spills?


"moderation in all things"
is a famous quote
which means nothing

there are lots of "things" out there

ie. heroine, arson, grand theft auto...


i like positive people
their fun and smile alot

they are more enjoyable then negative people
though, sometimes negative people are really funny
and sarcastic

i guess my favorites are realists
whatever that means

i would like to be a positive person but usually i'm waiting
for the other shoe to drop

amoung other things

women and men do not load the dishwasher the same way

speaking of marriage

hubby just informed me that if he ever met a girl named "Hockey"- that I'd better watch out!

marriage advice

don't worry- i'm not about to give you my advice
i am just remembering some advice that was given to me
and maybe it is good advice and maybe its bad
you decide

-marry someone who can make you laugh
-someone you want to grow old with
-respect is the most important thing
-sometimes you'll love them sometimes you'll hate them
-marriage is like running a business
-take time everyday to show you care
-marriage is work
-are you inlove?
-how do they treat their moms?
-no one is perfect
-whatever you can't stand about them now times that by 500
-marriage changes everything

i'm pretty sure forrest gump would have had something good to say about the topic


could everyone please remove their christmas light reindeers from their front lawns

swear words- don't read if easily offended

what are swear words?
we probably learn that from our mothers
i can think of some obvious ones...

what about the other name for donkey?
female dog?

these words ringing in our mind sound crash- rude- wrong
and maybe they are...
but i would rather hear
the F-bomb

than what i usually hear
which is 'Oh My G*d'!
or the worst 'Jesus Ch*st'!

why do athiests and agnostics and muslims and budhist etc. use these terms for cursing? and why on earth do christians use these words for cursing?

by the way- writing OMG is no different

parenting 101

so we all know ubermoms and uberparents
maybe i am one- maybe not
so they do everything so wonderfull with their offspring
time money games classes friends parks

and good for them
i would rather be that than this:

parents that are too cool to be good parents
i'm not going to worry about this
or that
my kids will survive
thats all that matters


youknowwhat i amtalkingabout

tradition is not law and was never meant to be
doctrine is the only law

in the navy?

i remember with horrid detail cursing the color navy a year ago to my mother in-law and somehow failed to notice that she herself was wearing all navy that day.

i remember grade 8 and 9 when navy was 'black' or 'brown' - it was sooo coool. my boyfriend always wore navy.

but that was then. and its been 15years since navy was cool.

so i am still in shock that navy is back and frankly spent the last 2 months a little upset about this- does this mean i need to do the navy thing?

my girlfriend gave me a handmedown sweatshirt yesterday (i am the queen of handmedown- send it down to me- i will love it and use it)- and this fabulous sweatshirt is Navy.

so i was like hmmm.. and now i am thinking i look pretty good in navy
i guess i am doing the navy thing
bring on Navy 1994!

the best love poem of all time- skidamarinkydinkydoo

i love you in the morning and in the afternoon, i love you in the evening underneath the moon

i have discovered something interesting about my daughter

sometimes- usually at night when she is crying and it is really annoying

i used to say shhh, shhhhhhh, shhhhh, Hope you need to be quiet. etc.. shhh

last week i decided to say "Hope I Love You"- and the strangest thing

she stopped crying

maybe its true- babies just want love

so maybe Charity never faileth


are not welcome here in my house- or my front porch for that matter
please move out
pack your bags

God is not mocked

for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap- he that soweth to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption- he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting-Paul

this is good for me to think about

What does this mean to me? to you?
How do we sow to the Spirit?

high maintenance

so for all those people who read this- and are finding this sortof mundane- heres another one for you. its about me and you probably already know
i am high maintenance
i go pee more than anyone i know
i eat more often than anyone i know
i need sleep, get hot, get cold, get bored, change my mind, get thirsty, feel foggy, get annoyed, feel dizzy, get claustorphobic, am arachnophobic, don't like to fly, am a bad passenger, need a bath, need a massage, get anxious, don't like mushrooms or melons-
you get the picture

but because of this- i have one great redeeming quality:
i understand
i understand your issues
your ugly bits
your personality glitches
i know what its like to be your own worst enemy