are priceless
and rare

but today i was thinking of how many people i really do enjoy, and how i hope we all have people in our life that we trust and love
i hope that i could have the flexibility to make more friends, i hope i would never allow someone to feel that they were not invited into my friend sphere

today i was having a conversation with one of my best friends which i have referred to as my BFF-a laughable ridiculous title often used in elementary, which is exactly why i used it- because its funny- not because I have only one friend- neither does she only have one friend-

but we were talking about our friendship and how we never see eachother and how many other people we like and want to hang out with. i like that. i like that my friend enjoys and likes other people. if she only liked me I would think that was weird and if i only liked her i would be a pretty jealous person cause she has a busy life.

so what am i getting at? not sure

she made a comment today about seeing someone "laugh out loud" and i thought- thats cool- what a cool thing to look for in another person -

i guess i'm just gonna flatter her today and all my other friends cause thats what i feel like doing

thank you sharmilla
for listening to me and for talking
about everything
not just you or me
but scripture, history, brains, parenting, past, future, mothers, clothes, church, husbands, art, design, work, money, obama, banking, diapers,

thank you to everyone that actually cares, or tries to care- thanks for making me laugh out loud- for calling me 'random',
for helping me move my furniture around,
for buying me canvas,
looking after my kid,
for lifting me up and encouraging me to trust God, thank you for forgiving
thanks for giving me the time of day, even though you are busy dating, being pregnant, giving birth, hosting parties,

you know who you are-
love you


is a nest of thorns and briars

wish for my daughter

shade from the heat of the day
peace from the battle
joy with song for Zion
trust for good and right
strength to endure through blind spots
patience of faith to fruition
simple kindness from others
freedom from deception
courage to laugh
courage to fight
courage to love
courage to pray

i am a tourist

i could have sworn that i signed up for the whole day trip
it appears that my itinerary has been abruptly interrupted
and a straight detour is in place

i would like to work on this one

we never have the right to a wrong spirit

psycho relaxed

a term for a person or type of person that i am recently discovering
the type that is relaxed and chilled
and then we realize that they are obsessively so
and if anyone around doesn't act equally calm and cool
these people freak out, throw arms, and have an anxiety attack
because others need to learn how to relax


if we are freakishly controlling about others being relaxed then we probably arn't either


i don't like to use that word casually, simply because well, we all know what it really means
but i'm gonna do it this once
i am in Teething Hell with my once happy daughter
it sucks


i have known some cool people who have owned Pitbulls
i have known some ignorant people who have done the same
people who own the dog for the wrong reasons, treat them the wrong way, and encourage the wrong behavior
that gives these cool canines a bad name

shame on dumb people who want their dogs to be undisciplined beastly sorts

the inlaw dance

is a dance
that sometimes looks pretty
and sometimes not

oh, that we could all speak the same language
oh, that we could see I to I

blanket statements

i use these sometimes-cause i like to exagerate
they're fun to use

but they are usually false
and lead to ignorant speaking

looking for a perfect people will leave you high and dry

God is perfect
People are not perfect
Should another persons lack-sin-selfishness-mistake
minimize our Faith-belief-Love
for God and Fellowship
isn't that why there is something called

So what if something happened that WAS wrong
so what if someone made the wrong choice
thats what people do

Jesus said "what is that to you- follow me"


those who Love the most, understand the most...


yoga pants

does anyone(female) not where yoga pants/stretchpants/sweats/pj's around the house?
i am actually curious
i guess i know a few who don(sp?) the denim skirt, or jeans-
but most homes that i know of are full of women clad in stretch gear

sorry hubby- it's not 1956:)

womanly undergarments for idiots

there should have been a course in University about the complex matter of undergarments
that I should have taken
and same with the girl at Ikea on saturday

so far I have discovered a few rules :

never where black underpants under white pants
never where sexy/questionable underpants that show above your skirt to church!!(ack)(why?)
where a slip that matches in height and color(this is very difficult business-tricky)
where a brazzier that matches in color that you don't hate and doesn't hurt (impossible)
where a T-shirt brazzier with a T-shirt
never show bra straps
where a uniback with a unitop
where a cami/topslip/tanktop under anything see-through or too low - it must match and not be bulky- (again- impossible) this is when I pull out the trusty cardigan- which is too hot

crossing your legs in church while sitting across from someone involves more then making sure your knees are touching- the entire leg must touch the other leg to ensure there are no ghastly surprises
wash these bits- throw out when worn out!!
hello Pantyhose== what a gong show these are. I think I have given up on this entire concept. - does anyone own pantyhose that they actually like to put on? these make me feel like I am stuck in a small elevator with strangers.

so this is the beginning of getting dressed for women- i did not go into the next steps of which bottom depending on what doing and what company- which shoes- which top -which jacket- and as always which Hair do-

this whole fiasco gets much worse when pregnant


so there is this person who blogs that I spy on
who doesn't know me-
and I'm just gonna say it
she drives me crazy

not because she is rude or ignorant or dumb or mean
but because -she is soososooosooosooosooooo
happy and kind and smart and deep and giving
and soooosooosoooo
having the most fantastic fun lovely loving life i have ever heard of
and it drives me crazy

jealous- yep
envy- you betcha
cynical- probably

sorry folks, its true...I'd rather hear about your caos than your romance.. but alas
thats my problem not yours
so go on
and live your fairy tale
i'm planning my fantasy time for later on
like um - life is nifty after fifty

i have been meaning to praise superstore for a while

for their new big bags that are biodegradable.

I would also like to praise the City of Calgary for the Recycling Program- that makes it oh so easy to care about the environment.

Actually, in general I am really suprised and impressed by how many regular Joe's actually care about the planet- and beyond that are willing to do something about it.

obama and I

were sharing a home in Victoria for the night- because i couldn't find a place to stay- he was caucasion and the prime minister not the president
he was friendly
we had good conversation
and for some reason

in my dream
i had an epiphany
that has lasted into realtime

which is simply - most awesomely- this

I am done doubting myself
I am done doubting.
The foundation is secure

reminding me now of a quote i heard and liked
Doubt your doubts, believe your beliefs...

swine anyone?

just making sure that if you enjoy bacon that you have figured out how to cook it in the microwave... just something that took me a little too long to figure out

the Fountain Head by Ayn Rand

BFF Sharmilla is
on the band wagon
and presently reading
one of my favorites

(i actually haven't read a book in like 5 years- but it was a goldy)

I am sortof excited for her
which seems really strange and nerdy of me

I get paid to work in a Vortex

Vortex called
Society for Treatment of Autism

Like no where else on earth

A Favorite Place often
A difficult place sometimes

This place teaches
that maybe its about you
and not them

words of Jesus

"if you know these things, happy are you if you do them"

daughter Hope

would like you all to know that it's official
spankings do not work with her
and will not work
she will just purse her lips and let her eyes tear
but there will not be a whimper
she is determined

i paint

i paint for pleasure
rarely do my paintings appear skillful

which is good because rarely do i try to be skillful
usually i am just plain old obsessed with what
one color does to another color

honestly i am sortof obsessed with color dynamics

last night i was again witnessing what yellow can do
to blue

this little diddy by leonard cohen in my mind this morning

the birds they sing
at the break of day
start again
i hear them say
don't dwell on what is passed away
or what is yet to be

ring the bell that still can ring
forget your perfect offering
there is a crack
there is a crack in everything

thats how the light gets in