ta da

for my small list of sometimes readers-
blogging is soo much more difficult for me now that i am away from my work computer
my list of things to rant on about is getting small
as my brain also gets small
as my belly and behind get big
i am sooo overjoyed to be in our new house
that is soo sunny
i am still in a state of shock
we went to see the play Moms the Word the other eve
it was fantastic for a mom
if i had never had a kid
i would probably not have enjoyed it at all
all the humour was so
inside joke
had to have been there

can i just say thanks

to all the fabulous people around
that have offered to help
and been kind

thanks to all the yay sayers
this past year
and especially the past few months

join the fun

i had a cool dream last night
that i was at
kinda like a carnival festival gossple meeting event
with tonnes of strangers and kids and non strangers
and balloons
and it was outside on green grass
and we were singing
"if we but knew"
and we were happy

if we but knew the cost at which he came
the price whereby the veil was rent in twain
would we not praise as angels praise his name
if we but knew, if we but knew

if we but knew the sorrow and the loss
the lonely hours, the garden, yea the cross
before such love all else would be as dross
if we but knew, if we but knew

if we but knew the joy his heart has planned
the strength and mercy of the outstretched hand
not long would he rejected waiting stand
if we but knew, if we but knew

if we but knew- O Jesus, Lord of all
before whom angels bow and nations fall
lest we resist thy sweet insistent call
if we but knew, if we but knew

all i want to say today about God is -what if? what if there is a God? What if he does have a plan? What if he did send his Son? What if what his Son said is written in the Bible? What if the Son told us how to live? What if the Bible is true? shouldn't we read it and figure it out for ourselves? shouldn't we desire to know the truth of what God wants for us and from us? Claiming ignorance at Gods gate is gonna get us nowhere.. claiming unity with other masses of mankind that do not serve God will also get us nowhere... we stand alone before him.

time is fleeting