Get Set

Here I am
I'm here
My son is sick:(

I am thinking still .again. some more..
About how thankful I am
I know it's repetitious
I don't care
I'm so thankful
I'm so thankful for the burning I had in my heart to get myself to gospel meeting today
To get Out of the world

I'm so thankful even for the waves of difficulty or struggle that come and make me say
"Thank God There Is More"

I'm so thankful for the continuous feeling of confirmation and encouragement that I feel and know when I am in prayer or in church.

I am so thankful that God himself has been able to do something In me.

My heart this year is focused on miracles.
That Miracles would continue even before my eyes.
That there would be those that would be changed.
Just like me.
To turn from darkness to light
To say
"You know what? I have no peace without God, I'm afraid to die without a Saviour, I want guidance for my life. I want to do what's right. I am willing for whatever it takes to be right with God. Something is missing"

And it's happening
From all different walks of Life
People are still seeking for Truth
People are still willing to look at themselves and be honest
To search the scriptures
To seek in prayer
And I am so excited
I really am

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