desert or dessert...
i think i got it right...

this is me

i knew there was a reason that i chose wabisabi for my title
of course at the time i didn't know quite how wabisabi things would all become
but through this process
and during this trip
i have seen that things can still sparkle
warmth and joy and peace and
even dreams and ideas
can exist
despite what may appear to be a desert place

apples and trees etc.

3 generations plus a real auntie
if you wanna come and join us
bring your purple tights!

Could not resist... seereeouse.. is this my child?

the cost of peace

peace always comes at a cost
it seems
a cost to one
or two
peace comes from
a strange fruitfull garden of willingness
to let go
and forgive

should have learned in high school

the Law
laundry stains
car maintanence

a favorite

just smile and nod

thank you

speak delicate

regarding the reality
of this
speak care full
speak truth.
no longer uber sub urbia
now quite really urban
homeless ness sky scrapers river rapids
i've relocated

i'm alive