Darlings, this is a free country.. At least fashion wise it is. It is not law that you wear black pants in the winter.. It's really not..


  1. More technical problems .. If you have the privilege of being a stay at home mom
    And just a stay at home mom
    If you have the privelage to drive your kids to and from school
    Without worrying about another job and income
    I seriously hope that you are thankful for that privelage
    I am so thankful for all of my privelages
    But not having this particular one can be very difficult
    Especially when you have a child who is becoming more high needs
    I am already sweating bullets about how to function next September because of the difficulty with getting my kid to school and back/ happily and safely
    I have it worked out now so that I can drive Hope to school this year
    And let me tell you
    How thankful I am
    For this privelage
    Of getting to be a Mom
    A mom who waves as her daughter walks in the big school doors
    I can honestly tell you that I have no idea why a mom would ever choose to not share these experiences with their kid.
    Right now I just want to cry
    But the sunshine and chocolate chips are not permitting me
    I am so thankful for my kids
    I am so afraid for them
    I want to be there for them at every corner
    Every step
    Every challenge

  2. Hello. I'm sorry I am such a total technical failure. But I refuse to blog from my downstairs computer. I've got things going on and only this phone is available.

    So I will try to add one more dose for the day
    This one is about freedom

    We heard recently about our freedom in Christ
    And i totally loved it
    And agreed
    And was excited
    Because I have been feeling the same way
    The exact same way

    And in my usual short and round about way
    Ill just say
    We are free.
    Do you feel free?
    Do you act free?
    We have found true freedom
    This world will never know
    So why again return to slavery?
    Why create more bondage?

    And then I got thinking
    Something is really only bondage if it is not conducive with spiritual freedom
    And something is only free if it is separate from human bondage
    And maybe one persons freedom is another persons bondage
    Not sure
    But I'm only talking about how we walk now as people who have found freedom in the spirit
    Because of the Word
    Should we be entangled with any lust? Any burden?
    Any fear?
    I figure Fear is one of the most deceptive and ugliest enemies
    (I was just fearful 5 seconds ago)
    Fear takes away Trust and thus Freedom
    The backbone of Freedom is Trust
    Are we afraid of not being addicted?
    Are we afraid of not being cool?
    Are we afraid of not being known?
    Are we afraid of being known?
    Are we afraid of sickness and death?
    Are we afraid to lose ourselves down here?
    Are we afraid of being anything at all?
    Any fear is bondage.
    Except the honest active fear of God
    Ill admit
    I wrestle with fear
    And I see that others do too
    I see that our fears are not the same however
    So, I wish you Liberty
    On every side
    Which is Joy