Things that should be taught in school: The law: like how come we don't learn what is legal and what is not in school? I am sure some people have to actually break laws before they find out something is illegal.. Taxes: what is tax? What is taxed? How to file taxes? Tax breaks? Employment: not like.. So what is your dream? Or what do you want to be when you grow up? But Employment Facts like, this is how many people are needed in this field, this is how much they pay, and this is what you need to do to get there. Drug talks: not like "don't do drugs" that is way to vague! How about this is what this drug is, this is what it looks like, this is what it feels like, and this is what it is doing to your body, these are it's side effects, these are side effects you may have for the rest of your life. Even marijuana people still think it's some sort of happy gentle non event. In actuality marijuana is very dangerous and can actually change your brain for ever. Smoking and alcohol: should be discussed, addiction, brain warping chemicals in these substances. Mental illness: what they are, where to get help, Religion: basics on religion. People who don't understand religion, don't understand very much about our world, politics, and war are directly related to religion. Everyone should have a general understanding of ALL religions. Group Think: something I learned in sociology in college, but should be taught far earlier. STD's: maybe we did learn this... Not sure ... Can't remember. Romance is Dead: bah this sounds so crazy, that's ok! I think romance movies and novels should be banned from teenage girls..everyone should know and learn that feelings are not facts, feelings are hormones. Actually, I think Disney should be banned for anyone under 30 too. No one should ever be told about being a princess or waiting for a Knight in Shining Armour.


Does anyone else notice that chai lattes are a real upper? Cheap and Legal! Dats wat I'm talkin bout!

Newey gooey

I get way excited when someone I know has a new baby! What is it? Why do I want to squeal with delight! It's like my uterus is celebrating too! I love love love to hear about new babies being born! Congratulations Mommies!!! New babies are the closest we get to view perfectness in the Bundle of Life!