Bummer doesn't cut it

Blog world,
I'm bummed
I'm exasperated
I'm overwhelmed
I'm sad

Have you ever had a panic attack? An anxiety attack?
I have.
In the past.
I know a tonne of people who have had these.
People, if you think you may have had one, you probably haven't.
There's nothing wishy washy about this stuff
It's very debilitating
It seems I may have passed this on to my precious
Who told me today
That she doesn't feel safe
And doesn't want to go to school
(Well she wants to but she doesn't want to and then she can't stop crying till she throws up)
I explained to her what a panic attack feels like and asked her if she feels like that and she said Yes
Perhaps this is just a blip on the screen.
However there have been numerous other "signs" that I have seen in her that I don't have the time to share...
I feel so bummed

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  1. This sucks, as someone who suffers from panic attacks as an adult I cannot imagine being a child dealing with one. they are terrifying and dibilitaing. if you want someone to talk to about it call