i thought the orb thing was cool

i think that the idea of Celebrating the River Bow
is fantastic-: go and see

K- i know this is going to seem a little odd..
but check this out..
just so you know that I am truly a romantic
these are 3 strange little hearts that I have found in the last month
the first is 2 seeds on my toast
the 2nd is a receipt where the numbers intersected to create the perfect heart
and the last, who knows? maybe a dead moth
i have a hankering for little hearts made out of cosmic odds
i think they are cute

o can i please

Just so you all know
I spoke to the Lone Ranger
and he is not at all offended
by my blog or opinions
in fact
he asked me nicely
if i wanted to be his

gorging on goodness

admit it
you're a simple creature like me
spend your summer time
trying to decide just which fruit is
your absolute favorite

grapes are nice and small and fresh and round and high in antioxidants
red are way better than green
blueberries- such a sweet, easy to gobble -ultra healthy berry
cherries- don't we just swoon for a ripe cherry- delish!
watermelon- loove water melon- i could eat the whole thing myself
raspberries- great when perfect... not so great when past prime
black berries- good texture- not too sweet though
a ripe nectarine- Oh sweetness of goodness of the earthly Universe
the peach- give me peaches and ice cream please

so much to discover and discuss
so what shall it be
i'm sorry- but really there is not competition
have any of you had a saskatoon berry?
i swear I just had my first one last week
and I am sold forever
I have been craving them ever since
I even went and picked some on my tiptoes
tomorrow me and the Hutterites will meet at the Farmers Market
and I will pay them whatever they want for these perfect specimens
The most delightful, formidable, satisfying fruit to walk my tongue
the sweet sweet

Be Mine
CHRISTINA LAKE, B.C. — If you go down to the grow-op today, you're in for a big surprise.
Mounties raiding a marijuana-growing site recently in British Columbia stumbled upon some unexpected and burly security guards: 10 black bears.
RCMP arrived on a rural property near Christina Lake, in the West Kootenays, about 2 1/2 weeks ago to find the surprise welcoming committee.
"They weren't aggressive. They're wandering all throughout the grow-op area," said Sgt. Fred Mansveld.
"One of them hopped on the hood of the police car and sat there."
Police notified conservation officers and even posed for some photos near the animals.
RCMP speculated in a news release that the owners "either enjoyed wildlife up real close, or were purposefully using bears to protect their property and grow-op."
It appears the woman living there had been feeding the bears dog food, police said, but those weren't the only animals officers found.
They searched a nearby home and "came upon a pig roaming around the house and disrupted a raccoon from his afternoon nap in one of the bedrooms," the release said. "The pig was a little frantic at the sight of police, but the raccoon was pretty laid back about the bust and took it all in stride."
The two plots had more than 1,000 marijuana plants each, police said.
Two people in their 40s from Christina Lake have been arrested and are expected to face charges of production and possession of a controlled substance, police said.
Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor said a woman named Kate lives on the property and has been feeding all kind of animals who pass through for the past 20 years.
"Basically, her home is their home," he said. "The rumours are that (the bears) come in and lounge on her couch and watch TV and they're part of the family."
Dave Webster, a local conservation officer, said staff are going to give the bears the chance to move on and find a natural food source. Conservation officers are hopeful the bears won't find their way to other residences.
"This property is known to us, (with) feeding issues in the past," Webster said.Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/story.html?id=3414910#ixzz0xBwnyMDL
is the little crooked picture in the background of my blog bothering anyone else?

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

sorry about the turn down country lane today folks
can't help myself
it's all the rage
every store, every runway
even the braid is being worn by all types latley
cowboy boots on all short skirted dolls
it's fun

i can't help but wonder if we should all quit our downtown jobs and buy a farm
I could wear denim all the time and no one would wonder why I wasn't wearing make-up

there is something to be said for all the whiny country music playing on the radio
it's sort of nostalgic and beautiful

I need a dog, a pony, a live-in husband, a truck, and a few more kids
tada! country livin'
I would also need a maid, a nanny, a handyman, a cook, a slave, and some really great friends next door.. also, Starbucks, wireless, i-phone 4, hmmmm- mosquito repellent for sure

somehow I don't think this little fantasy is going to turn out:)

Hey Good Looking- what you got cookin?


Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys-

we all like a good cowboy don't we?
plaid shirt, worn out boots, hard worker- fixes fences, rides horses, muscle and bronze whatever
but the Cowboy we don't need more of
is the Lone Ranger
we don't need more
Lone Rangers
Run away
Do whatever you want
when you want
supplying only the needs of ones self
and thereby
forsaking all other moral natural spiritual
obligations and commitments to others

Not so cool
is this Cowboy
I say
trade your boots in and get some loafers
if that's the only way

at one with nature

BOSTON — The doctor confirmed the good news for Ron Sveden once the mass in his left lung came back from the lab: He didn't have cancer. He had a pea sprouting inside his chest.
"A couple days in a dark, wet environment, I'd sprout too," Dr. Jeff Spillane said Thursday. "It definitely had a sprout."
It was a long way from the diagnosis Sveden, 75, had feared when he arrived at Cape Cod Hospital on Memorial Day weekend.
The former teacher, who also had spent years running a retail fish market and smokehouse, had seen his already-frail health begin to falter further in prior months. He already knew he had emphysema but lately was having bad coughing spells.
"Everything seemed to be going downhill," said Sveden, of Brewster. "I seemed to be tired a lot more. I didn't want to do too much. My appetite was diminishing."
The news sounded even more dire when he was told at the hospital that he was dehydrated and suffering from pneumonia. Then came X-rays showing a small but ominous dark spot -- then biopsies that came up negaive for lung cancer.
His doctors decided their only option was to go inside and see for themselves.
"There was a lot of inflammation there and I thought, OK, there's a tumour at the bottom of this," said Spillane, who went in with a scope.
But the more Spillane probed at the encrusted mass, the clearer it became that it was no tumour.
"It was pretty grungy, but it looked like a pea," Spillane said. "I sent it to the pathologist. They said it was a vegetable."
It took less than half an hour to clear away the sprout, drain some of the fluid that had built up around it, and help restore the lung's capacity.
After his surgery in June, Sveden spent three weeks in the hospital and a week in rehab. He said he feels fine now and is still amazed by that something as small as a pea could create such a big health headache.
Sveden's pulmonologist, Dr. Scott Slater, who first determined that there was something wrong and called in Spillane, said it's not unusual for a patient to accidentally inhale a small object.
"The typical story would be maybe someone's at a picnic and someone tells a joke and they laugh and they choke on something and then, voila, we find foreign bodies in the airways," he said. "But it's a little unusual to have aspirated on something and not know it."
It's not the first story about a seed sprouting in a lung, though experts declared that report implausible.
In 2009, a Russian surgeon said he found a tiny fir tree in someone's lung and suggested the patient could have inhaled a seed. Experts said at the time that a fir seed could not germinate in the lung because it needs sunlight.
The pea that Spillane removed from Sveden's lungs had apparently germinated. An expert conceded it was not out of the question for growth to continue inside his chest -- but only if the pea wasn't pasteurized.
"Any pea that didn't go through that process, I suppose it could be possible," said David Fiske, a horticulaturalist and gardens curator at the Massachusetts Horicultural Society.
In Sveden's case, its presence caused a massive inflammation and the encrusted mass in his airways. But it's better than the alternative, doctors said.
"It's given him a whole new lease on life," Slater said. "He went from someone who probably had advanced lung cancer to someone that's no sicker than someone else his age."

poker faced

how do we know when to hold em
when to fold em
when to walk away
and when to run

good grief
if I could figure all that out
I would be doing more than playing poker

um. microscopic blunders

when you see the really small things
the furthest star or the tiniest snowflake
the iddy biddiest wings of a strange little bug
when the cosmos are clearly beyond our wildest comprehensions
when bomb-blast clouds makes us realize maybe for one tenth of a secound that
we human creatures are so small
smaller than we think we are
smaller than we can possibly imagine
smaller than dust of dust
and yet
cataclysmicly ornate and detailed
how can these things be?
moments when it is almost like you can see things down to the molecular level
the cells, mitochondria
moments when really we know for sure that it is a pure miracle
that we breathe
and see
moments when we behold the perfect artistic architecture of the the human form
when all the birds and undiscovered fish in the ocean add up to a whole lot of stuff that we know nothing about
i hereby admit and confess with every ounce of what I understand to be MySelf
that i know very very little
I know when I am hungry and when I am sad
but when it comes to science and economics and politics and creation itself
I stand and fall a fool
the one thing I try to learn more of
the one thing that I think actually matters
is to know God
and yet even that
even that honestly is such a mystery to me
I try and beg and hope and believe
but really i barely grasp
i don't know how i ended up on this planet
sometimes I am unsure what to do on this planet
i don't even know when I am going to leave this planet
I am a creature who wonders a lot.
Sometimes I know the Spirit
for sure
Sometimes I know the Son
but really moments of truth and realization and revelation are often quickly
dissolved by a struggle of confusion and burden and selfishness
and so it onward goes
to discovery
not in vain
though I am a wretch and poor and blind and naked
though I wrestle with ugly cruel beasts of human nature and dark bits from the other side

it onward goes

may my iddy biddy self continue to wonder
till wonderment becomes
sure pleasantness and peace

ok- adapting my Boundary Breaker Manifesto

here's the thing
there must be a happy medium
because I just got to thinking about the other side of this
the Too Many Boundary Types
that's the worst too
People that are soo sensitive and soo touchy and have sooo many boundaries
it's just like walking on egg shells, and you always feel like you say the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong way and they are soo easy to offend.. that is no fun either
sometimes maybe boundaries need to be broken
maybe sometimes it is good to reach past or break open
or dive in
to unchartered previously bounded territory
sometimes it's good to chill out and waffle
a bit
the journey is not about travelling to distant places
it is simply about having new eyes

boundary breakers

i am all for breaking boundaries
going 55 in a 50 zone
or eating too much chocolate
or laughing too loud
but not so much am I a supporter of

The Boundary Breaker
that includes
phone calls at 7am or 10pm (we are sleeping)

The Boundary Breakers that wants
connections and communications with others that should not be
your exes that are now married
Heloo people
Leave those married people alone and let them stay married
Do not mangle and morph your way into their lives via text or drop-ins or drive-bys

Boundary Breakers
that wear sexy questionable attire to a funeral
not cool

Boundary Breakers
that tell me explicit undercover questionable information about someone elses secret life. Please do not tell me about these people- just leave out the name. I don't want to know.

Boundary Breakers that want all their relationships to be personal even when they should just be professional. What ever happened to just going to work?

Boundary Breakers that think it is their job to discipline and teach everyone everything all the time.

Sometimes we don't know what the boundaries are.. this can be confusing and then we break a boundary by accident- i do this all the time... I actually am really bad at breaking boundaries mostly because I am self absorbed... but these are a few Universal Boundaries-- don't you think?
this time it was a black tulip
and I seriously hope that it means nothing

ruch mush?

ruch mush rusch mush

rushing does not make me happy
or faster
rushing makes me angry and irritated
rushing is something i want to do away with
i am sorry that you are not happy