And he sent them out

If you are wondering if my last post applied to you- it didn't.
It was in response to a situation with a friend who does not read my blog ...

Tonight we had a potluck with our ministers
One is 73
One is 83
They are still homeless.
They are still husbandless and childless.
They still have no pay cheque and no savings account and no retirement
They still preach the gospel
One who just got back from Asia
And one who is heading to Aftica
These are living miracles
And I am so humbled.
I am so humbled by their spirit
Their joy
Their peace
Their beauty
I am so thankful for them.
For their willingness and example
And faith


  1. not to be of this earth, earthy, but of heaven, heavenly.

  2. Very humbling and makes His way very real. If He wasn't in control, it wouldn't work. Very encouraging and affirming. I love it.