pick a name any name

just not mine
or my daughters

isms from M

other then the really good stuff
there is this other stuff like
waiting for the cows to come home
and not knowing if we were Arthur or Martha
that stuff is good memories
when you said that he was dropping off a package, i didn't think that it would "meow"
i am 32 and just discovered why bananas don't go in the fridge

does everyone know that I am the luckiest creature on this planet?

is it because of my job or my marriage or my shoes?
I get to go to the most special place on earth this weekend.
I get peace.

identity crisis much?

so when I wrote and gave you a free ticket
I was trying to simply do this
to let you know
whoever you are
that you are allowed to change
if you want
at least you are allowed to try
i am pretending that there is someone out there
who needs someone to say to them
it's ok- you are allowed to throw in the towel
and rearrange and realign and regain.
you no longer have to be what you have been.
you can quit smoking quit drinking with help
seek therapy- alternative or not
you can go back to school
you can get a new hair-do
and wear yellow
you can diet or never diet again
you can blog or not
buy an I-phone or not
you can sell your house
sell your pointy shoes
buy Birkenstocks or not
start baking or stop baking all together
visit the Taj or Empire State
or grow a garden in your own backyard
who cares?
I think change can be fantastic
or tragic
but what i am talking about right now
is the good kind
the refreshing kind
the surprising conversion of Saul
or the merriment of recovery of a poor marriage
or the blessed growth of a mother-daughter relationship
born again friends
make overs and spa days
Just Do It by Nike
and all other positive commercial slogans that actually make you want
to sprout wings and dance into something interesting for once
goodness me

needless identity bondage never did anyone any good


is what I am
I am here to scare the crows away

re: best day

why i ask?
because - not sure if I have had a best day
but i have surely had a best moment
and the reason I know that it was the best moment of my life
so far
is because of the little voice that said
"this is the best moment of your life"

it was early spring- also known as winter
and my daughter was a few months old
and I had a really difficult time with her beginning
and I was having a bath
and I remember my friend telling me about her baths that she had had with her babies
and I thought, I'll give it a whirl
and so I picked up my little wiggly bird of a baby
and she joined me cheek to cheek
and she was silent and so was I
the lights were off and the dim winter light shone through the high window in the bathroom on us
and we bonded
no doubt
I had never before felt so in Love
and so lucky and so warm and fuzzy
and I knew
no doubt
this was the best moment of my life
and it changed me
for good
I am really not trying to wax poetic on this subject, but I can't help myself
sometimes there are moments that are pure poetry
no doubt


Robin will be temporarily unavailable due to an oversight this AM

for you

a free ticket
what has been so far the best day of your life?

dollar store philosophies

i know some people like to shop at the dollar store
for obvious reasons
and so i don't want to offend anyone here
i never go to the dollar store- and today i decided to dip in
and honestly that place makes me feel dirty
is it because everything was made in a sweat shop in China?
is it because the halls are crammed with people buying stuff they don't need?
something about that place makes me want to take a shower
so I went to Starbucks and Indigo and felt refreshed
which is probably even more ignorant
Why does Starbucks and Indigo make me feel good about consumerism
and the dollar store makes me want to join GreenPeace?
which is the greater evil? is it Evil at all?

i'm not a sunny day girl

i'm not the one who detests winter
and glums through fall
i don't say life is good just cause it's sunny
nor do i usually want to curl up and cry like a baby during a rainy day
so far this has been a really great summer
yesterday at the wading pool was pure bliss
nothing is better than good friends and a kid whose having a great time
i got more sun yesterday than I have in a year- no doubt
and I thought
this is why people love summer
this is why people want to go on sunny vacations
lets do it again
summer in the city