Made for a Cave. Lamb Please

My son
He's 16 months

Have you met him?
Maybe he is like yours

I've been researching latley "aggression in children"
Because, well.. He's aggressive
I know that "boys are more aggressive"
But I look after 2 boys the same age as him every day
Trust me
They are not the same.
I'm worried
This is not "learned" behaviour
This is:
"I'm an Alpha Male and I'm gonna bonk you on the head for fun all day long I don't care who you are or what your response is I'm not mad at you I'm just going to continually hit and grab and throw at anyone I can for fun I love my mom and will cuddle and smile and dance but don't trust me ever"

He is actually a Bully
A real true Bully
Not angry. Not frustrated. Just a Bull.
All day long I nurse the wounds that others receive from him
All day long I try and discipline and teach and persuade that this is not appropriate behaviour

My plan of attack for this kid is sports and tools
Give him a ball or a screwdriver and he is in his element
I'm worried about school for him already
He seems to gain the most amount of pleasure from beating on the wimpiest ones
I can already hear the phone ring
"Is this ms Tomlinson? Are you Justices Mom? Well, we have a problem"
The truth is, I see myself in him
He got this from me for sure
That's what scares me the most
I am a VERY physical person
Just the other day my husband was in the pantry and I needed to get in
Well, I don't really wait. For anything.
I just push.
I didn't even realize what I was doing
Until Scott was like "um thanks"
I had just literally Bullied my way past him and in so doing pushed him out of the way.
He wasn't even done what he was doing
This definitely is not the first time that I have "seen" myself
It's just a recent example
When I was in grade 2
(Now this is the truth here people so don't be mean)
I was "known" to kick the boys in the shnuts. Like all the time. That's what I did. I also had 12 boyfriends. I probably forced them.
The other thing that I see in myself
Is I also have a hard time with "wimps"
I do
I have a really really difficult time with people who I deem as spineless
Nothing infuriates me more than people who do not have the shnuts to speak up or speak truth or be honest. I find that often people think that they are being so "nice" when actually they are just being spineless.
I don't know
I'm not proud of this nature of mine
But I'm also not ashamed
I just find it difficult sometimes to work with
Which is why I think of Justice.
We need to be both a Lion and a Lamb.
Some of us need more help at being a Lion
Some a Lamb

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