Actually slept 6 hrs straight last night

Hi again
I love winter sun
Sunny and warm .. Not hot
Still fresh

Confession: I have a difficult time when children are blatantly rude and disobedient
Confession: I think people who purposely harm animals especially dolphins should face serious heinous consequences
Confession: I don't want to go to the Christmas party and its none of your business why
Confession: I'm not that healthy of a person, like I just ate KD, however, I think feeding your children lucky charms or cocoa-lollipop-whatever is truly disgusting and bad parenting..
Confession: I really am sick of political correctness as much as it requires one to become a faceless, beliefless, spineless, Lessless
Confession: as much as I try to not care about little things like please and thank you and phone call/text protocol, I do.
Confession: I think yelling is ok under the some circumstances
I really don't want to get agitated when this little child in my care doesn't listen, and is sneaky.. But I do.. I really really do.
I really feel bad for children who are not disciplined..
I don't understand why moms want their daughters to fixate on princesses or Barbie. How is that possibly healthy or wise?
I know I know
I'm being critical
I have a confession: I am critical
Sometimes perhaps being critical is wise
Most of the time probably it's not cool
I have a confession:
I am still critical
I still have an opinion
I still think somethings are more right then other things and I still think something's are wrong...
I really really do
I can't cook
I really really can't
I just over cooked that KD
I try a bit
I don't like recipes at all..
I sometimes wonder if I have ADD
Some people I admire so much and look up to so much and then usually get depressed when I realize I am not like them at all
But then my mom says
Who cares what everyone else is doing?
And I think "ya she's probably right"
I sort of admire people who can let their babies cry it out.. But I can't even try..
Even tho I'm really sleep deprived
But I feel ok
Until a small child is rude or sneaky
Sneaky is the worst tho
So hard to catch
And what can I do about it anyway?

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