Where have I been all my life

So technology is not my thing... That's all i will say to explain why I haven't blogged..
So what's up?
I have a day home now and am looking after 3 extra kids
It's actually been fine
I was really afraid that it wouldn't work out
November is ending tonight
And supposedly the world is ending next month
So enjoy the time left;)
I don't actually believe any of it
I mean it could end tomorrow, but not on a day that so many seem to agree to- that's just not the way it works-
(I don't think.. In my modest opinion)

I just had a sip of that chocolate egg nog from superstore- that stuff is RICH man
So everyone I know is pregnant it seems
Which is so exciting! I love new babies..

Lately I have been shopping exclusively at Value Village, and I am really enjoying myself..
I really love a deal! I also love a massive room full of one-offs... Makes it more challenging..
Hubby works late this week which makes for long days
My thought of the hour is this:
What if no one put up Christmas lights? What if no one celebrated Christmas anymore?
That one thought makes me want to paste my house in bright lights of red and green and orange !
You know I think Santa is Bunk and a lie and stupid actually, I don't have a tree, and I don't think Christmas is about Christ..
But I think it's Something!
It's something for families..
It's something for kids!
 And actually yes, it is still sort of barely a slice of a sliver of a shred of a reminder of Faith on Earth! So ill take it! I'm glad for every single little bright light shining in the dark this winter.. I am so glad that some people still enjoy/believe/participate in Christmas..

That's my little opinion of the day

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