Strangers/anonymous ones/ 2 people who actually know me:
Guess what!?
Last night this crazy thing happened
Well 2 crazy things happened
Remember how I was just saying I would never try letting my son cry it out?
Well last night it just sort of happened
I was going to get him when he started crying harder
And he just fell asleep
The craziest part is that he them slept 8 hours straight!!
People I slept 7.5 hours STRAIGHT last night! That is the most I have slept straight on 4.5 years!!!!!
Do you understand what I'm talking about here??!!!

Anyway that was cool
Other thoughts:

Studies coming out all over about the dangers of screen time and what it is doing. TV and computers and Pads and IPhones and video games .. Is all Screen Time.. Depending on the amount of time your child is spending with these it is actually changing their brains.. Structurally .. There are less and different cell/dendrite things going on!!!! People get your kids away from the screen! Do your own research.. Some of the evidence is suggesting this is leading to different social understanding .. An inability  to empathize in the usual way.. Depression because of dopamine(long story).. Pls do our future society a favour! Save us from 2dimensional humans that were raised on a screen!!! Get the kids outside! Give them some dirt and sun and snow .. Make them lift and solve and pile!!!

Which brings me the sweetest cute thing I saw at Hopes class yesterday ( parent teacher interviews)..(youngest in the class and doing totally awesome!).. The kids were asked to pick their favorite body part ( the best part of them) and then explain why... Some kids picked their hair because it was brown and pretty etc.
Hope picked her hands because they carry stuff..
So cute
You are right honey
There is a lot of value in what you can DO!

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